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Celebrate Christmas the Ginebra Way.

First time to attend a fan gathering. Yes, first time. Loser me. :p
My brother and I arrived at the venue a few minutes before seven in the evening, December 26. We were so nervous that we didn't know how will we enter the gazebo. Good thing Ate Arlynn saw us, and we went straight to their table. It was the farthest table from the entrance facing the basketball court, and nearest to the sound system.

Hello, Ginebra friends! ^_^ Haven't seen you guys in forever. :p
Here are some of the familiar faces a few minutes before the party. Familiar faces since I frequently bump into them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. :p

Friends from *wave hand*
First time to see these Ginebra fans in person.


Maybe someday.

I was just roaming around the UPLB Freedom Park with my friend Flor at around nine in the morning one Tuesday to take some shots of the campus field when these kids caught my attention. Being a sports fan myself, I am genuinely happy seeing kids play. Maybe they were just doing this for fun but these kids could be the hope of Philippine sports years from now.



One Star Worth Reaching For

Basketball have always been one of the sports most loved by the Filipinos. For most people, it is just a game being played on the street sides. For some, it is a profession and a source of income. While for others, it could be a dream. But not for me. I believe that basketball is not just a hobby, a dream or even a job. It is definitely much more than that.

I am a dreamer seeking to make a mark upon the world. After being in the BS Mathematics and Science Teaching degree program at University of the Philippines Los Baños for three years, I shifted to BS Development Communication. For me, this one big move seemed impossible. So many things to consider. So many things to lose. But even if shifting almost required me to move heaven and earth, for me, it's worth a try, I am proud to say that I did it.

Switching roads was never easy. There's the fear and anxiety, then there's the pressure. But more than anything else, all I ever wanted is just to be one step closer to my dream... a dream that I turned my back against, as i went on pretending to be something that I am not. For me, my three years lost being some place else may have been too long, but it was never a three years of regret, of pain, or of bitterness. In fact, I will be forever thankful because if not for those three years, I would have never realized just how much I wanted to be in a different path, and I would not be brave enough to go through anything just to be there.

Being a sports fan, it has been my long time dream to become a sports caster. To me, sports is not just a game but a passion and a lifestyle. I have this one sports team that I have been cheering on for over nine years already, and I just fell in love with their never say die brand of play. This team would definitely make one believe, even if seeing them play for the first time, that this team is definitely above the rest. Others may say that it is just a useless addiction, but to me and to the legions of fans of the squad, there is just this unbelievable magic that no one can't resist.

No one believed in me when I said that I want to enter the broadcasting field because of her passion for the game. Some thought that it is just a short term plan, but to me, it is so much deeper. That is one of the reasons why I decided to prove to everybody else and of course, to my self as well, how dedication, passion, and determination can bring you to some place special.
There are many people who give up their dreams just because they thought of fulfilling it is impossible. There are also some who would go for it only to fail in the end. For me, failure could happen to anyone, but to fail without even trying is the worst regret that I could ever have.One prominent sports personality once said that it is better to fall on the roof than not trying to reach for the stars. This is true. Because at the end of the day, all you have to do is to believe that your dreams are worth chasing after, and that there is always that one star worth reaching for.

This is an edited version of an on-the-spot article I wrote for my Journalism class.


On the Internet

The Internet is the most accessible broadcast medium for me as of today. Since I could connect to the Internet from my mobile phone, I could be updated with whatever is going on wherever I am. Even during the weekends, I still choose to go online at home rather than to watch the television. Unfortunately, we do not have a radio at home and so I still get access to the radio through some live streaming sites online. I have been an Internet addict for years now and I could say that this broadcast medium is indeed very important in my everyday life. I regularly check on my Facebook, Twitter and E-mail which make me connected to other people. It has also become my habit to check on a few sports sites for updates on sports development.,, and are also some of the sites that I check for updates on current events. There is also my blog which has become my avenue to express myself. And of course, my news-based site dedicated to my all-time favorite sports team which has given me so many sports-related opportunities. So yes, the Internet is really important to me because of so many reasons. And I could also affirm that utilizing the Internet as a broadcast medium has been very effective, at least to me and to the most people I know. 

Having access to the Internet for almost every day, I could say that it still needs improvement. Although it has been my version of a companion medium, there is still its negative side that should be addressed for it to become a better broadcasting medium. One thing is the reliability of the information that we see online. Since almost everyone has an access to it and could change its contents, there should be something that could be done for the users to assure the validity of the available information. I hope for the total eradication of malicious sites and contents that could also be harmful to our computers, laptops and mobile phones. Another is to improve the network connections so that the Internet could be accessible wherever we are… even in far away kingdoms. Since it could be beneficial to people, provided that we access the Internet responsibly, it would be great of these benefits will also reach places far from the main cities. After all, the Internet could be a perfect way to bridge gaps between people separated by space and time. 

Original date of composition: 17 November 2011


Goodbye, SemBreak 2011

Today is officially the last day of the break. I will go back to school tomorrow, go to class at eight in the morning, and so on and so forth. You know the drill.
I was pretty much a bummer throughout this break. I have watched different television series, movies and all. I even spent the most of it here inside my room since I am not really used to going out, plus, I live really far away from the city. But being at home didn't make my vacation less exciting and less memorable than the others. I really had fun.

Now, I have already packed my things and about to leave the house in about an hour or two. I will really miss sleeping at seven in the morning and waking up at three in the afternoon. Yes, I am a vampire. I hate the sunlight. :)

Positivism is the key to a better lifestyle. You can quote me on that.

Cheers to the new semester! Bring it on, acads! I can take you!

Courage does not always roar. 
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 
"I will try again tomorrow.”
-Mary Anne Radmacher


BIG COMEBACK: Last 55 seconds of Ginebra-Powerade showdown

 (credit: )

Classic Barangay Ginebra finish. And this is why I am  always and forever a Ginebra fan.



REPOST from Ma’am Lynette  Carpio, UPLB

From Batong Malake Councilor Janos Lapiz (via Ma’am Pam Custodio, UPLB): 

Nahuli na yung isa nung wednesday pa ng gabi, pero may follow-up operations pa ang CIDG para hulihin yung isa pang kakutsaba. That’s why shadow reports pa lang ang inihahayag sa media. It was the result of a grassroots intelligence and probably luck or divine intervention. There was a third suspect who turned witness. Kasama dapat siya panghohold-up at pagpatay kay Given pero hindi siya sumama. The guy told what he knew to a tricycle driver, who happens to be a kumpare of one of our Barangay Tanods. Nakonsyensya rin yung driver at sinabi na rin sa Tanod. Problem is we cannot make an arrest dahil wala pa kaming ebidensya. 
We then nabbed the third guy and placed full surveillance dun sa suspect. Then comes the Divine intervention last wednesday evening. Nagkagulo sa FO Santos St. dahil may kaaway yung suspect, kinursunada niya ang isang autistic na bata. Kapitan Nilo made his move to arrest the suspect. Habang inaaresto yung suspect ay napadaan ang isang mataas na opisyales ng PNP-CIDG who has a child living in Umali Subd. Dinala namin sa barangay yung suspect at nang kapkapan ay nakita sa kanya ang I-phone na pag-aari ni Given. 

From there the pieces came together. Ikinanta lahat ng suspect ang kanilang ginawa. It was horrible while I listen to his testimony, I prefer not to tell it to you. It was really horrible. 

The PNP-CIDG is now handling the case. Pam, you can post this message to all your friends. Pwede mo rin itong i-kwento sa mga estudyante mo. PNP will get all the credits and promotions, pero I give much credit to our Tanods.



I have always admitted that needles scare the hell out of me. But today, I had to win over my fear.

I was crying as I went to the laboratory of the Hospital of the Infant Jesus for the blood extraction thing. This was my first time to undergo that procedure, ever. I was really scared. I hate needles and I hate feeling pain the most. They say that it will just be like an ant bite. Well, here's the thing. I hate ant bites either.
I took my headset and mobile phone with me. I played this one song on maximum volume and had it on a loop. I was counting the times the song has been playing to divert my attention. My official count is four. It took me approximately twelve minutes to get through it... from the dreaded pain of waiting until the needle was finally out of my arm.

I felt the pain. I still hate it. I saw the needle. I still hate it. But I thank the song that was playing all throughout the experience. It's still on a loop and I still listen to it.

PS. ...and because I hate needles and blood extraction stuffs, I don't know my blood type. I wonder what my blood type is, but no, I won't undergo another encounter with needles just for that. Let it remain a mystery until the next super necessary blood extraction. I just hope it won't be anytime soon. Hindi pa ako nakakarecover.



I was able to finally figure out how to make use of that feedburner thing. Anyone could subscribe to my thoughts and rants and whatever via email. Yay! Let's see if we could finally get this to work. =)

Last day of the semester. So much to thank for!

My semester is finally over! Yeah! I survived my first semester as a BS Development Communication student! I am really happy that I am finally having fun as go to my classes. This past four months or so, I am so thankful that I was able to cope up with a seemingly new environment. Way back in June, I was most certainly not a freshman but I really felt like I have nowhere to go during my vacant periods. Not that I was lost, I was just searching. Maybe.

And then I found the UP Community Broadcasters' Society. Or maybe, the UP ComBroadSoc found me. They opened their door (although the tambayan doesn't really have a door) for me and for my batch mates during the time when I needed it the most and for that, I will forever be grateful. Special shout to my beloved brods and sisses who are too many to mention. "Dati kasi nasa ground floor lang tayo, ngayon nasa rooftop na!" :)

I also would like to thank the UP GURO: Mathematics and Science Teaching Society for understanding me and for not hating me in spite of what happened. I am so thankful that they still welcome me in their activities. I feel that I am still a part of them, and they will forever have a special place in my life. I will always be here for them just like before. Special shout to Ate Vheq Navarro for all the GM's. I really, really appreciate everything. (PS. I so loooove the photoshoot. Sana maulit muli. Anything for you.)

It is very important for me to have something to treasure, something to fight for. I thank my family for never giving up on me during one of the most trying times of my life. I felt their support when I told them that I had to take on a different path. I am doing my best now more than ever because I want to prove to them that I really had a reason to shift. I have all the reasons in the world to prove to them that I will be better this time. 

I will be better.

I am also thankful to my housemates: Tin, Janel, Rachel, Ica, Nyj, Flor, Lenna and Kim; our extended housemates Josh, Hazel and Sheryl; and to our occasional housemate Marvin. Thank you guys for making me survive all the boring and emo days of my life. All the kuwentuhan  and the tawanan at any time of the day totally helped me a lot during the semester. This is also our first semester outside the university dormitories. No curfew, less power interruptions, no water interruptions, cooking challenges and all. Swabe lang sa saya.

'Till next semester my dear friends. :)

Since I only have twelve units this semester, I have the energy to mention each of my courses. :p

First, my STS10 class, thank you for all the lectures and video presentations. Thank you also to our professors, Prof. Tony Laurena and Prof. Mae Mendoza. What I enjoyed the most are the interactive activities at the ILC, and then the DNA origami. I am really into computer games and so I looked forward going to class every time we have a scheduled interactive activity. I survived this course without knowing anyone from the class. I also survived the slight emotional breakdown when I found out that both my seatmates are one of the highest scorers in our exams. I should have known earlier. Kidding. :)

To my ECON11 class, honestly, I poured all my everything for me not to take the final exams anymore... and I succeeded! Special thanks to Sir Prime Rodriguez and Sir Harvey Baldovino, and to my recitation group mates (Shout: Nina and Ara). I actually had a week when I almost thought that I was a BS Economics student because all I ever did was to look at my lecture handouts for this class. I am so glad it payed off. I think this will be may last Mathematics-related course ever. I hope. I really, really hope.

And then, there's my DEVC10 class. Shout out to our lecturers: Sir Romel Daya, Prof. Theresa Velasco, and Prof. Benjie Flor. This is my only class that is dominated by new freshmen this semester. I actually had a very interesting experience with these freshies. At first, I felt that I don't belong since they almost knew each other because they are blocmates or so. Although of course, there are also shiftees like me scattered among the 180+ students. I am thankful that I get to know my recitation class groupmates, who also helped me along the way. Thank you to my lecture class seatmates Danica and Danielle, to Khaylee for that unexpected birthday greeting and to the rest of the yellow team/group: Ayo, Jara and Millicent, and to the rest of UV-4R. Of course, special thanks to our patient recitation instructor, Ma'am Check Tatlonghari, for all the rambutan, burger and a wonderful half day of community visit.

And of course, my DEVC11 class. Forgive me for having a personal favorite but I really love this class the most this semester. Maybe for one, because of the relatively small class size, which allowed more interaction and all. Another could be because our class rooms (CDC Drama Studio and CDC Annex 3) are really conducive to learning, and then of course, there goes my professors and my classmates. Many thanks to our lecturer Ma'am Lynette Carpio for those very creative lecture presentations, which I really look forward to see every meeting, and to our laboratory instructor Ma'am Cla Albia for all those group exercises and those blue-inked comments on our papers. Cheers to my awesome classmates for a wonderful semester as well: Paula, Jessel, Jelyn, Joz, Ayesha, Andrea, Eugenie, TJ and AK. I am very happy to get to know everyone. Looking forward to an exciting DevCom series with you guys next semester... minus DEVC 40. (makiki sit-in nalang?)

So much to thank for as this semester ends. Well, I hope I am still thankful by the time I get my grades. Kidding. Of course I always am, and I always will be.

To God be the glory!





Say it again.

The thing about you is you know just how to get me. 
The thing about me is that I really wanna let you open that door and walk into my life. 


Rockin' the 60's

Our DEVC11 class (Introduction to Mass Media Writing) had a dress-up day last Friday.

The theme: 60's.

I will skip all the kuwento about how I was able to get a hold of my first ever dress in my life, and basically the only dress that you can find in my closet. (Old school uniform and prom gowns are exempted)

I am not really a dress-y type of a girl. Pants and shirt will make me survive a wardrobe fiasco. But don't get me wrong, I loooooove heels and wedges. It's just that, I can feel that I am myself every time I am in pants and shirt... and heels. However, flip-flops keeps me safe at UPLB especially every time I get to pass by the "rocky road". Ang UPLB student, may tan-line sa paa. :)

Okay, so there. DEVC11 made me wear a dress. It scared the hell out of me to be wearing that as I walk around the campus. Thank goodness I only have two classes that day.

Why am I writing about that? Because it's a milestone! Haha! Kidding. Actually because I realized that wearing a dress is not as bad as I thought. Hindi lang talaga ako sanay.

Here are some pictures we took after class. My gosh. We even took the photos in front of the UPLB CDC Main Lobby. I thought I was going to die. :p

Let's make the 60's mood more perfect.

Here comes the sun. :)

Music and Lyrics.

Let me write the song as you play the melody.
Together, let's make music.



Shattered pieces.

"It's good to have a big dream. Even if your dream is shattered, the shattered pieces are still big."


A real life fairytale.

Literally a wall post. My roommate actually "liked" the "wall post" ala Facebook.

People who knows the song will get it. But then, my house mates who are not familiar with the song gave it a shot and tried to decipher what I was able to do out of boredom and procrastination. :)

In case you want to listen to the song and appreciate this post, here:

Got it right? :)

Lightning strikes twice.

Thank you, Lord. This is overwhelming. :)


Simple pero astig. :)

Awwwwwww. <3
This cute picture is not mine. I do not claim any rights on this. I just saw it online... and I find it really sweet. Simple pero astig. :)


Never Alone.

*A reflection paper on the role of communication in our lives*

            Every man will be an island. We will all wake up alone. We will all go through our daily lives alone. No one will be there for us to share our laughter with. No one will be there for us to share our pain with. No one will be there to listen to our rants and to our stories. There is no one but us.

            Isolated. Distressed. Misunderstood. Alone. That is life without communication, and that is no exaggeration.

            We go through our daily lives with constant communication. I am confident to say that we all need to communicate to keep the status quo. With constant communication, we were all able to clear out all the misunderstandings, to let other people know how we feel and what is on our minds.

            We can have an endless list if we are to enumerate all the roles of communication in our daily lives. But what is more important is not the “what” but the “how”.

            How does communication affect our lives?

            At home, we have to communicate. We have to tell our family how much we love them. They have to know what we think. We have to inform them of what we need. We have to share to them what’s going on in our lives. We also have to know what they need and we try our best to fulfill their wishes. Our families also get to share to us and to make us feel loved. When there are some unavoidable misunderstandings, we fix things by communicating. We may not talk, but body language also does wonders. We may not tell them how much we care or how thankful or sorry we are, but we may show it through our actions.

            At school or at work, we also communicate. Our everyday lives inside the four walls of the classroom are full of communication. We talk, people listen. Our classmates, co-workers, professors, or colleagues talk, we listen. It’s a never-ending two-way process. We communicate for us to understand each other. We communicate for us to accomplish tasks. We communicate for us to establish good relationships with the people around us. We communicate to survive a world full of strangers.

            Alone, we also communicate with ourselves. This is necessary. Sometimes, we are all so preoccupied with everything that has to be done under time constraint and we forget to just stay still even of a moment and talk to ourselves. Intra-personal communication is just as important as inter-personal communication, and so this should not be taken for granted. By talking to ourselves, we are able to know what we truly feel. We are able to know what we need and how to keep up with the fast pace of life. Most of the time, we do things because we have to, but not because we want to. And more often than not, communication within ourselves could be just the answer we need to bring back our lives right where we wanted it to be.

            I have this case in point for intra-personal communication. I was under the BS Mathematics and Science Teaching degree program for three years here at UPLB. Without talking to myself, I went on and on, year after year, trying to fit in to a different world. It took me three years. Three years before I sat still and asked myself, “What am I doing here?”. As I finally had the courage to talk to myself and to ask myself where I really want to go and what I really want to do, I realized that I am trying so hard to fit in a world not for me as I pretended to be somebody I am not. And so I am already here, in a world where I know that will hone the skills that I already have, and will make me a better person who knows my worth. This resolution for me by myself is all because of communication.

            No man is an island. We do not have to wake up all alone. We do not have to go through our daily lives alone. There are people will be there for us to share our laughter and our pain with. There are those who are willing to listen to all our rants and to all our stories.

            Because with communication, we are never alone.

Dream High

"The game starts after the 'break shot'. Although the break shot is very easy, even with the same angle and intensity, the balls will bounce to different directions. That's the same with the important changes in life. When you hit a moment that is as sudden as the break shot, your ordinary life scatters in mere moments.

Since the game has started, do not be afraid and enjoy the game."


There will always be a first time.

This is the first time for me to top an exam... this college. Where was I this past three years?
This photo is courtesy of my professor, Ma'am Lynette Carpio via Facebook.

Yes. First times like these are really worth a whole week of smile. 
Especially since finally, I am loving what I'm learning... more than ever.

Ngiti lang! :)


Lumalakas. Tumitindi. Umuugong. UP ComBroadSoc.

Iba ang tatak. Iba ang tunog. UP Community Broadcasters' Society. Finally! We made it! I am forever grateful to my batchmates, to my ninang Pat, to Chief Broadcaster Czinni, and to my now brods and sisses. I finally have a DevCom family to call my own. Super salamat sa experience, sa challenges, sa mga tasks na kumurot naman talaga sa utak ko, sa mga sharing, sa wisdom, sa mga flat tops. I cherish every moment I spent with UP CBS for the past three weeks, and I will forever cherish my future with you. <3


I am currently applying for UP Community Broadcasters' Society.
All the kuwento after the process. Two more weeks.
Your mind is the scene of the crime.


When All We Need is Change: A Reflective Essay on Underdevelopment

They say that change is the only constant thing in this world. With that, I agree. As time passes by, it’s human nature to keep on improving everything because we have unlimited desires. As soon as we succeed in developing one thing, we certainly won’t stop there; we will continue on developing that thing until we realize that we have already used up all our resources and we have finally reached our limit. This is the reality of life. Unfortunately, not everyone have the means to improve and the resources to develop –that is why underdevelopment exists in our world today.

When we were tasked to bring a photo of underdevelopment in class, I realized that I do not need to look far from the university. I just took my mobile phone, went out of our apartment, and took a photo of the street where the ever so famous proven in Raymundo Gate could be found. This certain street is also dubbed as “Poverty-stricken Road” but I personally call it “Rocky Road”. I chose to capture that place as my image of underdevelopment because of one obvious reason that compared to the main road and other streets on that area, that street is definitely underdeveloped. Compared to the cemented main road, this “Rocky Road” is literally rocky and muddy as well. I could go and on with the comparisons but then, none of my words will change their current situation.

The irony of underdevelopment is this: “To those who have, more is given”. Those who need it cannot afford it. And those who have it don’t need it as much as others do. Underdevelopment exists because of inequality. There are so many ways to cope with poverty and underdevelopment but it costs for someone to uplift their current states. The cost is definitely not low as most of the time, this is one of the main reasons why communities and even underdeveloped countries could not afford improvement. This veracity is saddening because of the fact that socio-economic status dictates one’s development when it has to be experienced by all.

If only people will be more vigilant. If only people will be more assertive. If only people will be more sensitive to the reality that our world needs change. If only people will learn to set aside their own personal motives and interests. If only people will be a little more selfless. Definitely, our world will be a better place. If only those highly advanced and well developed countries will absorb the situation of the underprivileged nations a little bit more, maybe we could significantly improve their lives. Trivial actions, when done by all, will produce huge results.

All we need is change. Change in our selves. Change in our communities. Change in our nation. Change in our world.


Chicken Adobo sa Apartment!

Makasaysayan ito kaya kailangan i-blog. HAHA! First time namin nagkayayaan na bumili ng lulutuin at magluto ng hapunan. Saktong nanonood lang kami ng TV nung naisip namin mamili ng lulutuin sa palengke.
Buti naman at may nag prisinta magluto. Hindi kasi ako marunong. Thank you Erica. Wahaha!
Kami naman ni Tin ang namili sa palengke. Epic. HAHA!
"Ate, ano pa po ba nilalagay sa Adobo"
"Ate, may suka po ba yung Adobo?"
Bakit ba naman kasi kami pa ang nag prisinta mamalengke. :p

Pagpunta namin sa bilihan ng manok.
"Ilang kilo po?"
"Ilan po ba kasya sa limang kakain?"
Naloko na. Malay naman namin.
"3/4 siguro puwede na."
"Sige po."
Mantika pa pala.

Sabay nanlibre ako ng sampung Silvanas. Pampalubag loob. =)

Pag-uwi namin, naghiwa na sila Nyj at Erica ng mga patatas, sibuyas, atbp.
Picture taking galore. Siyempre bahay-bahayan kami. Sana mai-upload na ni Nyj ang pictures.

Dahil maliit yung lutuan namin, sa rice cooker nagluto si Ica ng Adobo. Oo. Puwede yun. Magic cooker kasi yung rice cooker namin. Ang lupet.

"Ay, lagyan natin ng Nam-Nam! Ay, Magic Sarap nalang!"
Magic Sarap.

Tuwang tuwa kami sa hapunan naming Adobo.

Ako ang naghugas ng plato. Lalayas na ako. Chos.
Img01206-20110614-2020 Img01207-20110614-2021

@nielcabal's First two days as kolehiyala... este, college dude.

O, kala niyo si John Lloyd no? Nagkakamali kayo! Siya si Daniel Cabal, ang Mr. Pogi ng Gen. Trias, Cavite!

Enjoy your college life, brad. bro. brethren. whatever.


Chuck Bass in Manila!

Just the thought of you being in the same island as me brings me joy.

Enjoy the Philippines, Ed Westwick!

You know I love you. XOXO.

photo from


Finally done with Baker King! Definitely worth watching!


Medyo nakakabitin pero hindi disappointing ang ending.

I love the final episode. Hindi exaggerated at sakto lang ang closure for all the characters.

I personally love the Mi Sun - Tak Gu relationship. Ang cute ni Mi Sun.

I am really thinking that Yu Kyung and Ma Jun are mirror characters. They are very similar, from the way they think up to the way they sent their own fathers to prison. Match na match. No objections na sila ang nagkatuluyan.

Sa mga kontrabida, belat sa inyo. Badtrip kayo mula umpisa hanggang dulo. Napaka consistent.

Sub plots are also very interesting. Everyone behind this series did an awesome job of not overdoing everything.

Character changes are also great. Maliban sa dalawang natirang loner, everything ended well for everybody.

My time watching this drama is indeed well spent. I am glad that I was finally able to watch this drama this summer.


Here are some screen shots from the final episode. =)


Once again with grateful hearts, hai!

Hai! Hai! Hai!


@natsky1565's 9th Birthday Celebration

We were at SM Mall of Asia for the whole day yesterday for Nat's 9th birthday celebration.

We first had lunch at Gerry's Grill. I looove their Baked Scallops. ^_^

The boys wanted to go ice skating pero sarado pa since my summer classes or something, so we decided to catch a movie at IMax instead. Showing ang Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D pero 2:45pm pa. So we bought tickets and went to Timezone to kill time.

The first thing we did on Timezone was to take a sticker photo!!! It was out first family sticker photo kaya super nakakatuwa.

We also played Guitar Hero and Basketball. But my ultimate favorite yesterday was DJ Max Tecknika! It was my first time to play that game and it is super cool and fun! Some of the songs in the choices are my favorites kaya mas natuwa pa ako. :D

After wandering at Timezone, we waited at the IMax lobby for the movie. Included in the ticket price are 6 popcorns. Since I don't really like popcorns, si Daniel lang ang tuwang tuwa. hehe.

It was our first time at IMax, first time to watch a 3D movie. Aliw na aliw kami sa glasses, muntik na kaming maging si Cyclops.

We enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean! Grabe si Jack Sparrow, nakakaloka! I won't go into the details of the movie para sa mga hindi pa nakakanood. Pero it is definitely worth watching. =)

Naglibot pa kami ulit after the movie, then dinner at Taste Asia.

I didn't even notice kung anong oras kami nakauwi kagabi. Nakatulog na kasi agad.



When Chuck and Blair need to let go. </3

Blair: Why did you just do that?

Chuck: Because of what you said earlier.

Blair: About being happy? Chuck, that’s not the most important thing. People don’t write sonnets about being compatible, or novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation. The great loves are the crazy ones. L’amour fou.

Chuck: Blair we’re not living in Paris in the 20s.

Blair: We both wish we were.

Chuck: There’s a difference between a great love and the right love. I left the Empire State Building last year after two minutes when you didn’t show. Louis waited all night. This is your chance at happiness. You think you shouldn’t want it ‘cause you’ve never had it and it scares you. But you deserve your fairytale.

Blair: We make our own fairytales.

Chuck: Only when we have to. You don’t. How do you feel about tonight?

Blair: Awful. I just… terrible. In fact I’ve never, felt like this before.

Chuck: Guilt. I feel it too. Maybe I’m actually growing up after all.

Blair: I didn’t wanna let you go just yet.

Chuck: Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not powerful. You’re the most powerful woman I know.

Blair: It’s taking all the power I have to walk away from you.

Chuck: I know. But I need to let you go. You need to let go.

Blair: I will always love you.

Chuck: I will always love you.


Episode 18

aww.. father and son were finally reunited! yung nanay naman!!! dali na!!! ^_^ #BakerKing


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100 Facts about me... revealed!

Okay. I finally took the #100Factsaboutme challenge on Twitter. Basically, you just have to tweet 100 facts about yourself, as the hashtag implies. It took me almost two hours to complete this list. It was indeed damn challenging, but after accomplishing the list, it was totally worth it.

So, if you guys missed my tweets last night, here it is. Just in case you want to get to know me more. :)

1. My complete name is Ma. Kathleen C. Cabal
2. Eldest and only daughter.
3. Lavender is my favorite color. Nagiging red, balck and white lang dahil sa Ginebra.
4. I never had a childhood best friend.
5. I was an honor student. Take note of the past tense.
6. I play piano.
7. I play violin.
8. I play guitar.
9. I want to learn drums.
10. I collect Candy Magazine.
11. Studied in one school from Kindergarten to Fourth year high school.
12. I was a student leader.
13. I am addicted to Sims.
14. I was addicted to Gun Bound, Battle Realms, Red Alert, O2 Jam, Pangya, Audition, but never to Ragnarok, Counter Strike and DOTA.
15. I love Barbie... actually, I only love her clothes.
16. I seldom finish reading a pocketbook.
17. I finished Allan Caidic's Autobiography in one day.
18. Search kcabal25 (and "Kaye Cabal") on google and you'll find my online hideouts.
19. My very first basketball idol (uhm, crush) was Akira Sendoh.
20. I only started watching asian drama series on Summer of 2008.
21. My first Asian drama series marathon was Coffee Prince.
22. I am a Disney baby.
23. I love chick flicks and romantic comedy movies.
24. I finished writing a story that was posted on's Creative Corner, entitled Princess in Love.
25. I have an unfinished story entitled Me, My Textm8 and Him, and an ongoing story entitled Collide.
26. I write poems. I make stories. I blog. I tweet. I tumblr.
27. I am a Globe user since forever.
28. I orate, I declame, but I don't debate.
29. I never won any Science quiz bee. But I won one Math quiz bee.
30. I play basketball.
31. I had a couple of tv interviews.
32. I had a radio guesting.
33. I love to smile and laugh.
34. I prefer to be awake at night than early in the morning.
35. My favorite Asian drama series is All About Eve.
36. I love classical and instrumental music.
37. I pay attention to musical scorings.
38. I love listening to original soundtracks.
39. I make short films.
40. I want to have my own car.
41. I want to go to Boracay.
42. I am better off cramming. I cram with poise. I procrastinate with style.
43. I was once hooked with WWE.
44. My NBA team is Sacramento Kings.
45. I don't play any facebook games except BlackJack.
46. I love ketchup!
47. I don't eat spicy food.
48. I have a sweet tooth.
49. Drawing is my frustration, but I Photoshop.
50. My favorite food is anything with ketchup!
51. I don't know how to cook.
52. I am a homebody. I don't party, really.
53. I am the first grandchild in my mother's side.
54. I wear glasses. I have an Astigmatism. Near-sighted, too!
55. I can sleep AND dream in minutes! Weird Circadian rhythm.
56. I got used to watching movies in theaters alone.
57. I suffer from severe colds since I don't know when. I always have colds.
58. I have a low tolerance to physical pain.
59. The only manga that I was able to finish reading was Mars (I saw the tv series, too!).
60. I can re-tell the movies that I watched. I really love talking that much. :p
61. I already was able to watch UAAP Cheerdance Competition live!
62. I rarely text, and I rarely call. I still use my cellphone, though. ;-)
63. I keep a diary. I keep secrets. :p
64. I love to play basketball in Timezone and Quantum.
65. I have been to Enchanted Kingdom once.
66. I love Disney movies and animated films.
67. My favorite anime is Slam Dunk.
68. I watch Glee, Gossip Girl, Heroes, Dr. House, Pretty Little Liars, Hellcats and The Vampire Diaries.
69. My favorite music genre is ballad.
70. I easily cry.
71. Fireworks make me smile.
72. I love orchids.
73. I passed Architecture in UST. I passed BS Math in DLSU. I failed the ACET. I'm in UPLB.
74. My usual get-up is shirt, pants and flip-flops.
75. I am not much of a planner.
76. I watch Harry Potter movies but I am not a Harry Potter fan.
77. I watch the Twilight saga but also not a huge fan.
78. I am more approachable than I look.
79. I love writing more than speaking.
80. I love happy endings.
81. I hate ants. RED ANTS. :|
82. I named our dog Ketchup, but everybody in the house calls her Kitchie. Fail.
83. I've always wanted a blue streak on my hair.
84. I am SO NOT a Justin Bieber fan.
85. I prefer movies over books.
86. I am turning twenteen this year.
87. I am a hopeless romantic.
88. I am a Virgo.
89. I am keeping it real. :)
90. I want to witness the sunset on the New York Skyline.
91. I want to work in the PBA since Grade 6.
92. My dream is to be a sports writer and a radio broadcaster.
93. I read Betty & Veronica and Archie comics.
94. I love Betty Boop.
95. I run a Ginebra facebook fan page, tumblr and twitter account.
96. I maintain a four-year old news-based Ginebra site on multiply.
97. I already saw Barangay Ginebra Kings and Philippine Azkals upclose and personal.
98. RP Azkals made me a football fan.
99. Mark Caguioa is my MVP.
100. Die hard Ginebra fan. forever.

That's it! 100 facts... revealed. =)


My Philippine Azkals Experience

I was really looking forward to March 30. I did not have the means to go to Panaad and watch the Azkals game so I was very excited when I found out that they will grace the opening of the PFF Suzuki U23 Cup at UPLB. It's now everyday that I get to see our national players. Actually, this could be the first and the last time. But if this will be my last time to see them up close and personal, then, even without the popular players, it was still worth it.

They were scheduled to arrive at the campus by 2PM. I cleared up my whole afternoon just so I won't miss the opportunity to see them. I had my backpack ready with a marker, a white shirt (my NSTP shirt), and my phone (since I don't have my digicam with me).

I did everything that I have to do before lunch so that I am worry-free when they arrive. By 1PM, I was ready for them. Together with my friend, Lenna, we find the best spot at the grandstand.We patiently waited. I knew it will all be worth the wait. Later, my orgmates Gie and Cath also arrived (with their camera ready!) and soon enough, my friend Ica also came. We were all excited, no doubt. I was online through my phone and via a tweet from one of the Azkals personnel, I found out that the Azkals were already close to UPLB. I really can't wait. I was anxious, but I am feeling really glad that I get to have this opportunity.

The emcees then announced that the motorcade was already near. Players of the U23 Cup were asked to form a human pathway and greet the Azkals as they arrive. I did not know where to stand. I want to be in the perfect place. Soon, we can now see the motorcade approaching. The crowd went all jumpy. The girls went all wild. I was stunned, not knowing where to go. I took my phone and put it in video mode and I ran out of the grandstand and joined the human pathway. I was with the kids, but I did not mind. I saw them went down from their huge bus (with their huge faces in it). I was in the perfect spot. The first Azkal that I saw was Ian Araneta and then the rest were not far behind. The Azkals did not disappoint me. I was feeling really epic.

I took pictures, wanting to preserve a could-be-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We cannot get close to them, so all I could have were stolen shots. And while I was happily looking at our football heroes, I heard girls at my back talking.
Tara na.
Wait lang, wala pa yung Azkals.
 Ano ka ba? Ayan na sila o!
Ha??? Yan na sila???
I looked at them with disappointment. Maybe the girl was looking for the cute guys (I don't have to mention their names. We are all aware who they are.) but I did not expect to hear that. I realized that maybe, just maybe, not everyone present in the grandstand that afternoon were football fans. Maybe some were just curious. Maybe some were just... never mind. 

Everybody was asked to go out of the grandstand. Crowd control. I understand. But how about my much awaited autographs??? We went in from of the grandstand as the RP team was presented. I did not know what to do. I waited, thought of what could be done. We went back at the grandstand again but nobody is allowed to enter anymore. I can only see their backs from where we were standing.

Then lady luck smiled at me. Roel Gener looked at me when I decided to gather all my guts to call his name. I was really surprised as I honestly did not expect that he will hear me because of the crowd. 
Kuya, pa-autograph naman po!
As I showed him my white NSTP shirt. He signaled for approval. But he was at the top of the grandstand so I cannot reach him. He told me to toss the shirt. And I did. I also tossed the pen, but I needed a second toss because I was so nervous the first time that I tossed it poorly. He got it the second time.
O, akin nalang to, ha!
He told me as he got my shirt; me and my friends laughed. I was looking at him while he is signing my shirt, and we were all praying for one thing:
Sana ipasa niya yung shirt. Sana ipasa niya yung shirt. Sana ipasa niya yung shirt.
And he did. He returned my marker and my shirt full of autographs! I couldn't ask for more.... but I noticed that Ian Araneta wasn't able to sign because he was being interviewed that time. So I went at the other side of the grandstand, behind where he was sitting. I waited for him to come back.
Kuya Ian!!!
Me and my friends shouted at the count of three. And he heard us!
Pa-autograph po!
As I showed him the shirt. And he did. He returned my shirt after he signed but the marker took a little longer as he used it to sign other stuffs. No worries!

We were ready to go, but we heard the emcees asked the crowd if we want some exhibition from the Azkals. That minute, I was immediately at the front row of the crowd as Ian, Chieffy and Angel get ready for the exhibition. Don't ask how I managed to get into the huge crowd. I didn't know either.
I took a video of their exhibition. I was really having fun. I wanted to learn those tricks, too!

We left the grandstand all smiling. I was really fulfilled. I had more than what I was expecting, a real Philippine Azkals experience. I hope that this won't be the last time. I hope that I could get tickets when they finally play in Manila.

Azkals banner at the UPLB Baker Hall.

At the grandstand.
Ian Araneta.

Suzuki banner.

More stolen shots.
Angel Guirado.
Thank you, #6!

Azkals bus.
My NSTP shirt. :)