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This is for the benefit of all those who wasn't able to grab a copy of the magazine, either you don't know where to get it, no more copies available, you're not in Metro Manila but within the Philippines or you're out of the country. I only uploaded everything Ginebra-related. Sorry for being bias. :) Anyway, no copyright infringement intended. Credits respectfully given to the Baller Magazine team. Great job, by the way on the magazine!

If you are interested in grabbing your own copy of the December-January 2011 issue of the Baller Magazine, try inquiring at FullyBooked, Powerbooks or National Bookstore. I got mine at FullyBooked SM Mall of Asia, by the way. It took me almost forever to have a copy and it's definitely worth the wait!

PS. You can also download this file in pdf format! Just hit the FILE then Download Original.

Enjoy reading! Never say die! :)


Ang reaction paper na umubos ng lahat ng reaksyon ko buong gabi.

PS. Watch Where the Wild Things Are. Great movie!

Reaction Paper: Where the Wild Things Are
Art, Cinema, Narration

          Where the Wild Things Are is a uniquely interesting motion picture. It may be based on a children’s book but it is not actually a movie that I would want to recommend to kids. I cannot even strictly classify the motion picture into one genre. It has a complicated package but I still believe that it did not make the film any less interesting.

          Honestly, I had to watch the film twice just to absorb everything from it. The first time served as my stepping stone to fully grasp what the movie is all about. The questions that came off my head the first time I watched the film were somehow answered as I watched it again. Max, who was used to getting the full attention of his mom and sister, did not know what to do when his mom had a new man in her life and his sister with her male friends. I figured out his need for attention when I noticed how he doodled in the opening credits of the movie. He is an imaginative boy who brought himself to his imagined world. He wanted to be in a place where he will be heard, where he has the authority, where he simply rules. The smooth transition between reality and imagination made me wonder whether everything indeed happened or not. I almost lost it. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I could not recommend the movie to the kids –they may miss the sleek border and lose it all. The movie was also organized carefully so that everything will keep up with the audience’s flow of thoughts, thus making the mode of narration communicative but subjective.     

          Where the Wild Things Are is an eccentric motion picture in many ways –from its unpredictable mode of narration, down to its unusual combination of real characters, costumes, animations and graphics. Expressive realism created much room for the main character’s imagined plots which somehow made few parts of the narrative vague. Compared movies like Romeo + Juliet wherein the ending can already be seen from its beginning and the characters are strongly identified, Where the Wild Things Are makes the audience guessing of how the movie will end and even left the ending for the audience to fill in.   

          The movie also has some similarities with how Filipino independent films are presented. Like for instance, comparing it with the Filipino independent film Babaylan, the ending was also left for the audience to figure out. It was also vague, with unclear motive along the way. But one could also identify that the narration of the movie is also built on conflict, just like the typical Hollywood movies. The approach of the movie was light and comical unlike the mainstream film Romeo + Juliet which has a clear intention of giving a serious and tragic mood behind the romantic feeling to its audience.

          It also encourages its audience to have a critical approach to its narration. Critical thinking is indeed essential to fully understand a movie’s narration. A simple go-with-the-flow type of viewing will make the audience miss the message that the makers try to give to its audience. The movie is highly symbolic and emotional. Every character in Max’s imagined world magnifies him –his ego, his imperfections, his desires, and his conscience. And critical thinking is stimulated for the audience to fully comprehend what every aspect of the narration symbolizes.

          Being based on a children’s book, I could say that the makers of the film tried their best to keep the narration as close to the original publication as possible. The characters were presented based on how they were described in the book. However, critical differences could be sited in terms of its narration. From the book, Max started his imaginative and mythical journey from his room after he was told that he already became wild while in that of the movie, he ran off from his mom after he was told that he was out of control. The “wild things” were also presented as creatures that are not suitable for young minds based from their appearance and violence, which contradict the idea of the book being a children’s story. The descriptive style of written literary arts is another difference. Since written literary arts don’t have the luxury of visual presentation, it lives and die with how the writer make the words come to life. For the motion pictures, the writers do not have to put everything on the script since facial expressions can make up for the lost words. And sometimes, words not spoken are more powerful, more meaningful.

          Artists by far are vital in making art as a medium of awareness for the society to assess human existence across time. Since art caters a wide range of audience because of its audio, visual or audio-visual presentations, dissemination of knowledge and information is much easier. The creative and artistic mode of presentation spearheaded by the artists also attracts attention from the audience thus traditions evident in the motion pictures could easily be picked up by the viewers and eventually be absorbed into their everyday living. Artists could also take advantage of the technological advancements of the present time to fill in the pieces in between the narration hence, an innovative and modern appreciation for films as art is gained.  
          Art is anything man-made, and a creation out of lines, colors and spaces possessing emphasis, contrast, balance, and proportion through the use of various materials. Content plays significant role in art as it involves the real message that the artist or creator wants to convey. It involves the opinion of the creator with his/her own interpretations and how the audience received and translated these interpretations; how the viewers reacted to the perceived message and the actual intention of the artist himself. Cinema, on the other hand, which may refer to film or motion picture, is made up series of moving images or frames to narrate a story. Animation techniques and visual effects are examples of ways to produce a motion picture. It is a medium used to broadcast or propagate moving pictures.   

          In discussing Humanities, the main focus is the general knowledge and intellectual skills of every individual. Human interests are captured and the human race across culture and time is the main concern. Art and cinema, being one of the focal points of Humanities, gives significant contribution to on how Humanities is being discussed today. Media already takes part in Literature and we are no longer boxed in drawing and painting as the only visual arts. Film is already considered as an art and motion picture analysis may already be synonymous to text reading. Several literary works have already been adopted as major motion pictures and the viewing public became supportive and appreciative of these books-to-movies concept. Literature has already evolved so much through time that we are already in need of wide range of literary outlook as we try to figure out messages and concepts behind motion pictures.  
          Philippine media, motion pictures for example, are often used as an avenue for expressing point of views and opinions regarding socially relevant issues. Filipino writers and directors take advantage of the freedom we have as they try to send a message to the rest of the Filipinos, being the audience, may it be explicitly defined or embedded between the lines and the characters. Issues that are always considered as the main plot of a movie include politics, corruption, religion, poverty, prostitution and family problems. These may be common problems being addressed by our government since time immemorial but the Filipinos never lose hope that maybe, motion pictures could really make change, maybe not in the broadest sense of improving the whole nation instantly, but by making the change in every viewing public.
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I'm an optimist, not an idiot. (Semis Game 4 Rants)

Yes, even my own team is not exempted. I was disappointed. But I actually posted my tweets not because I am devastated but because they had all the damn chances in the world to win it but they self-destructed. 

This time, it was not San Miguel; It's them.

Sa tingin ko... Tingin ko lang. Hindi magchachampion ang Ginebra ng ganyan ang frontline.
Malusutan man ng Ginebra ang San Miguel... Di naman uubra sa sampayan lineup ng BMeg at wrestler-type TNT's.

Kapag kumuha pa sila ng GUARD na IMPORT, maloloka na ako.

Hatfield. Di pa tayo nagtutuos. 2pts?!?!

Hoy, JJ. Kala mi lusot ka. Di ubra ngiti mo ngayon. Apat na FT? Pucha naman o. Apat lang lamang e!!!

Mark. Isa ka pa. Yung minintis mo, pampanalo na sana. Ubusin ko yang natitirang buhok mo e.

Yancy and friends. Mag civilian nalang kayo sa Friday. Kawawa naman naglalaba ng uniform mo. Nasasayangan ako. Maluluma agad yan kakakusot.

Si Tubid! Kala mo lusot ka dahil sa 20 something points mo? Ikaw patalo, dude. Bakit ka nag chacha???

Miller! Intal! Cortez! RicoV! Menk! Wilson! Wala akong maalala. Basta badtrip rin kayo!

Lalo na kayo mga kowts!!! Anak ng tokwaaa! Bakit kayo nagpatalo?!?!

Naiinis ako hindi dahil talo kayo kundi dahil nagkakaroon sila ng pagkakataong magyabang!!!

Ayaaaaan.. Finaly!!! Magtatapat na ang ginebra at bmeg sa isang dream match.... Battle for third nga lang.

Gawin na rin kayang best of seven ang battke for third? Just in case.

Tsaka yung cube na yun?!? Yung malaking cube na yun?!? Badtrip din yuuun!

Pinakabadtrip yung ring!!!

Badtriiiiip lahat!

Sila jimbo at john wilson pa! Sama kayo kayo sa yancy and friends. Magcivilian nalang kayo sa friday.

tigilan daw ang paninisi ng players.. Edi kami daw maglaro. Aba! Eh kung sila kaya manood sa mga laro nila ng malaman nila ang feeling!

Badtrip din yung baller magazine na yan! Inyo na yan!

On second thought... Maghahanap pa rin pala ako ng baller mag. Guwapo daw ng shots ni mark dun e. :)

Yan. Okay na ko. I love Ginebra na ulit. Umayos kayo sa biyernes.

Puwede naman matalo, Ginebra e. 'Wag lang 4-1.

And while I posted these tweets for my amusement (everything is half-meant, by the way!), I was surprised with the replies and comments I had! I was bashing Ginebra here and they shared my sentiments! See, I think I was telling the truth after all. Kidding. Okay. Not-so kidding.

@ I hate to agree but.. I do. :( RT @kcabal25 Sa tingin ko... Tingin ko lang. Hindi magchachampion ang Ginebra ng ganyan ang frontline.
 @ @kcabal25 nakuha mo Mommy.. yung mga ganung game na kanila na natatalo pa.. mas mabuting wag na silang pumasok sa finals mas masakit kasi
 @ Sa tingin ko din. Ready na ko.. RT @kcabal25 Sa tingin ko... Tingin ko lang. Hindi magchachampion ang Ginebra ng ganyan ang frontline."
@ @kcabal25 hehehe ;)) ate kaye mga hirit mo ah :)
 @ @kcabal25 LC interrogation?? inisa isa? haha paano si baby? may masasabi ka ba?
@ lagoooot kayo kay ate @kcabal25 .. halllllaaa .. bgk playeeeers .. tagoooo na !!
@ Nattawa ako sa mga tweet mo @kcabal25 hahaha kabado c jj eh depensa c rudy! Kalma lng
@ @kcabal25 Kalma laaaaaang! Ganun talaga! Para exciting daw talaga yung laban next game! ;) 
@ kung nasa bgk practice lang si @kcabal25 haha goodluck sa ginebra players walang sabon sabon banlaw agad haha... si kots daw namiss mo? haha
@ @kcabal25 wala sa hulog laro ni h-bomb. off nyt sa scoring.
@ Lay up na mintis ba? RT @kcabal25: Mark. Isa ka pa. Yung minintis mo, pampanalo na sana. Ubusin ko yang natitirang buhok mo e.
@ Ininntay ko ssabihin mo kay tubid @kcabal25 possession na travelling pa! Hahaha
@ @kcabal25 hahaha pati si yancy ah :D
@ hahaha kahit su Tubid walang kawala kay @kcabal25 hahaha !
@ Masakit man.. pero i agree @kcabal25 ..
@ Dito ako natwa! RT @kcabal25: Si Tubid! Kala mo lusot ka dahil sa 20 something points mo? Ikaw patalo, dude. Bakit ka nag chacha???
@ Very well said @kcabal25. Totoo lahat ng sinasabe mo. Nasa Ginebra mismo ang pagkukulang. Pati pala sa ring ng Kings! Naka-sarado ba yun? ✗
@ High blood! So much @kcabal25 peo I love your tweet!
@ @kcabal25 I feel for you. Pramis. Salamat. Nasabi mo na lahat ng gusto kong sabihin. Wala. Hindi ko kaya maging positive tonight.
@ @kcabal25 Haha. Hinde. Tama lang yan sister. Apir.
@ @kcabal25 hahaha...sige lang...labas mo lang

I would have tweeted more but the internet connection on my phone already expired. Sayang. My mind was on fire last Wednesday night!

Having these comments doesn't not make my being a die-hard any less. I am still a fan. I will forever be. But Game 4 was a tragedy. It was a good game though, double overtime and all. But still, it was a tragedy.

There was no room for optimism last game. They blew every chance they got. But that happened already. They have to focus for tonight's game, hoping to have a miracle comeback against a team loaded with talent.

As for me, Savannah's line in Hellcats says it all.

I'm an optimist, not an idiot.
But then again, I love the team.


Puwede naman matalo, 'wag lang bitter.

Ginebra won tonight, thus trimming the SMB series lead to 2-1. I was joyful with the win... not until a twitter post followed by random online comments from all over spoiled the fun.

Pwede naman maging physical... Wag lng dirty... Tsk tsk tsk....  

I couldn't help but talk about what I read. And Twitter captured my every rant. But unlike the others, I won't delete any of it. I stand by with what I say.  

Uhm, Paul, have you met your teammates? They are not really a not-dirty players. Sadly, you're a former GinKing. You should know that. :|
I like Paul but that's not a way to accept defeat.
And yes, reading all those SMB comments from his status makes me wanna crush SMB into pieces with Ginebra's 3 more straight wins!
Kung magsipag-comment parang hindi sila puwede matalo ng hindi benta e.
I can't wait for the day Ginebra gets out of that SMC umbrella safe and sound... safe and sound, i mean players/line-up core intact at hindi yung inilipat muna sa "sister teams" ang players bago pakawalan.
sister tm issues makes games, especially playoffs series, less credible. Hindi mawala sa mga fans ang doubt na baka nadaya sila...
..and as a basketball/PBA fan, I hate it. I would want to believe na nananalo ang team ko fair and square. :(
Ansarap mag-tally ng mga posts and comments online na may keywords na: "benta", "pinagbigyan", "madaya", "lamang pa rin naman kami", etc.

Anyway, I am moving on with all of their sour graping... sana sila rin. I still have a debate and online discussion to work with, and cramming is at its best when Ginebra wins.

By the way...

I mean it when I said that I so want to crush SMB into pieces, not literally of course. I hope it's happening soon.