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Rockin' the 60's

Our DEVC11 class (Introduction to Mass Media Writing) had a dress-up day last Friday.

The theme: 60's.

I will skip all the kuwento about how I was able to get a hold of my first ever dress in my life, and basically the only dress that you can find in my closet. (Old school uniform and prom gowns are exempted)

I am not really a dress-y type of a girl. Pants and shirt will make me survive a wardrobe fiasco. But don't get me wrong, I loooooove heels and wedges. It's just that, I can feel that I am myself every time I am in pants and shirt... and heels. However, flip-flops keeps me safe at UPLB especially every time I get to pass by the "rocky road". Ang UPLB student, may tan-line sa paa. :)

Okay, so there. DEVC11 made me wear a dress. It scared the hell out of me to be wearing that as I walk around the campus. Thank goodness I only have two classes that day.

Why am I writing about that? Because it's a milestone! Haha! Kidding. Actually because I realized that wearing a dress is not as bad as I thought. Hindi lang talaga ako sanay.

Here are some pictures we took after class. My gosh. We even took the photos in front of the UPLB CDC Main Lobby. I thought I was going to die. :p

Let's make the 60's mood more perfect.

Here comes the sun. :)

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