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Because Jawo is our Basketball Hero

Loved the Mark Caguioa infographic last time? Well, here's to the celebration of the 2012 National Heroes Day! 

This is our very own The Big J's career infographic made once again by the ever so talented Sir Romeo Catap (@romeocatap). 

Diba, astig maging Ginebra? XD
Loved it? Share your thoughts! :)


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Forever 21? Always 18.


♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you Lord for surrounding me with awesome people! ♥ ♥ ♥

Gustuhin ko mang magcomment isa-isa sa mga FB wallposts, e napakahirap sa FB Timeline. HAHAHAHA! 
But I did try to like each of your wallposts. Sana lang wala akong nakaligtaan. :)
Tsaka nagreply ako sa lahat ng nag-tweet! Mas manageable e. =)

Much love from my family! Tenkyooo so mats! Aylabyooo mams ♥ and pops! ♥ 
Sa three musketeers, sige lang. Bully me all you want. Tatanda din kayo. HAHAHAHAHA! 
Labyu braders!
♥ ♥ ♥
(tig-iisa kayo para walang away) 

Thank you also to my best-est college friends who waited for 12mn of August 25 with me. 
Finally, nakapag ICs din tayo to "party". After five freakin' years. Hahaha! There's always a first time. 

Of course, to my brods and sisses from UP CBS and UP GURO, salamat din po! 
♥ ♥ ♥ 

To my UPLB and LCCM family, and to my relatives and repapeeps, sobrang maraming salamat! Manila friends! Munika! Miss ko na kayoooooo. 

And of course, sa mga malulupet na Ginebra fans na talaga namang hindi nagpa-awat sa pagbati sa Facebook, sa Twitter, pati na rin sa BBM (nalobatt pa ako. hahaha!), sobrang thank you! Saan ka pa ba naman makakakita ng ganitong klase ng barangay? I felt that familiar feeling of Ginebra connection all throughout my birthday. 
Thank you. ♥ 

Grabe ang tanda ko na. Hahahaha! Forever 21 na raw ang peg ko. 
But I'll always be 18. Hahahaha!

PS. No hearts were harmed in the making of this post. ♥ 

Hugs and kisses. Hearts and flowers. Memory games. This is our way of partying. Cheers to more years of friendship! Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. ♥


This Mark Caguioa infographic deserves a standing ovation.

Sir Romeo Catap (@romeocatap) posted this on the One Barangay Ginebra Kings Facebook fan page last Saturday with the caption "For all Ginebra and Mark Caguioa Faithfuls :) NSD!"

Sorry if it took me forever to see it on the page. But I do think that this info graphic deserves a standing ovation!

Feel free to share but give proper credit to the owner.

Good job, kabarangay!  This is amazing.
 *clap clap*

What do you think about the info graphic? I would love to read your thoughts. :)


Check out what Sir Romeo Catap have to say.

"Due to (overwhelming) requests, yep, gagawin siyang tshirt, though the Mark Caguioa generation edition. Posters are also clamored for :D Antay-antay lang mga kabaranggay :D Hehe"

Yay! =)


Fact Check.

"We are ending the backlogs in the education sector, but the potential for shortages remains as our student population continues to increase. 

Perhaps Responsible Parenthood can help address this."

This was said President Benigno S. C. Aquino III during his 2012 State of the Nation Address (SONA), his third in his term.

First of all, let me just point out that this year's SONA by the president is by far the most appealing and most thoughtful address he ever delivered since he assume office. After listening to what he has to say last year, I think that it lacks more information especially on the education aspect of our nation.

This year, I'm glad that he told the Filipino people all his plans to improve the quality of education in our county, especially of course with the increase in the national budget of state universities and colleges. If the budget for 2013 will be approved, I believe that it will truly be a great help to everyone who do not have enough money to go to school. Money should not hinder an individual to receive education.

But what I want to focus on right now is what President Aquino said about Responsible Parenthood.

For one, I really did hope that President Aquino discussed the Reproductive Health Bill instead.  As it was stated in, "The term 'Reproductive Health,' which is the subject of international agreements, is wider than 'Responsible Parenthood,' and in some countries is taken to include access to abortion." I believe that I would have been better if he used the term "Reproductive Health" to point out our problems in overpopulation and its connection to the increase in our student population resulting to backlogs in our education system.

I do believe in what President Aquino stated. Indeed, no matter what the government do to improve the situation of our education here in our Philippines, it wouldn't have that much of an effect because of the continues increase in the number of students who needs to receive proper education.

However, I would just like to point out that maybe, this all just boils down to proper information dissemination about responsible parenthood, but must be backed up by passing a bill. The House Bill 4244 or "The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2011" could just be the solution that we are all waiting for.

Personally, I am Pro RH Bill because I am Pro life. I want every lives to be as equally great as what the rest of us are experiencing. I am saying that RH Bill is pro life because it will allow access to the much needed information not just on birth control but most especially on maternal care.

I detest child deaths and maternal deaths.

I detest child and maternal deaths just as I detest the thought that there are thousands of Filipino children who do not go to school. I detest the thought that there are thousands of Filipino parents who cannot send their children to school. I detest that because of lack of access to information, many are not able to receive proper education.

Information on responsible parenthood, reproductive health, population and development are actually overflowing. It's just that not everyone have access to it. Access to information is just as important as having information readily available.