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Celebrate Christmas the Ginebra Way.

First time to attend a fan gathering. Yes, first time. Loser me. :p
My brother and I arrived at the venue a few minutes before seven in the evening, December 26. We were so nervous that we didn't know how will we enter the gazebo. Good thing Ate Arlynn saw us, and we went straight to their table. It was the farthest table from the entrance facing the basketball court, and nearest to the sound system.

Hello, Ginebra friends! ^_^ Haven't seen you guys in forever. :p
Here are some of the familiar faces a few minutes before the party. Familiar faces since I frequently bump into them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. :p

Friends from *wave hand*
First time to see these Ginebra fans in person.
The party started at around eight in the evening.

The hosts for the night.
A message from the organizer, Sir Albert.
Rob Labagala on the house!
"Someone Like you" by one of our talentadong kabarangay...
...followed by a dance number...
...and a fire dance!
We also played some games during the party. Coach Allan Caidic, Coach Siot Tanquingcen and Rob Labagala were the stars of the tongue twister challenge.

But who among these stars has the best non-twisted tongue?

Coach Allan: 10 points in 30 seconds!
Coach Siot: 13 points in 30 seconds!
Little Robbie: 14 points in 30 seconds!
 And Rob Labagala's prize?

A kiss with one of our hosts! =)
 Actually, we had another game right after that awesome tongue twister challenge. It's the Pinoy Henyo With A Twist! Coach Allan Caidic suggested a more challenging way to play the oh so familiar game but we were not able to take photos because we were so busy doing these:

Daniel with Coach Allan.
with Rob.
Daniel with Rob.
Daniel with Coach Siot.
Daniel with JC.
Sorry. :p Anyway, the twist was basically this --- Reverse Psychology, meaning "Yes" means "No" and "No" means "Yes". Even if the category was already a giveaway, it was still not easy... except for Coach Allan (partnered with Coach Siot) who got the henyo word (Anne Curtis) in about 44 seconds.

Category: Tao

Lalaki ba 'to?
So, babae ito?
Artista ba 'to?
May soap opera?
(Coach Siot: clueless. Fans: Oo!)
Nasan Ka Elisa?

I just didn't know how he really got the word. Hahaha! Anyhow, we already prepared for dinner after that. Yummy! ^_^

Awesome dinner awaits...
...these hungry Ginebra fans in line.
First time to drink this and it's awesome! :)
No more lechon a few minutes after that. :p
After dinner, we went back outside for a few more photos.

with Eric Menk.
Ate Eva and Daniel with Eric Menk.
with Ate Eva. :)
with JC Intal and Ate Eva.
We also did this for Lolo Momon because we are his really cool friends. Hahaha! Chos. :p

JC Intal.
Ate Eva and Idol Rhen.
with Idol Rhen. :)
Eric Menk.
Exchange gifts and surprises happened after dinner. Different Ginebra memorabilia were raffled off to the fans. There were Ginebra bags, shirts, shorts and jerseys to name a few.

These were the gifts we (Daniel) received after the exchange. Thank you!

Ginebra items won by the fans. Wooooohooooo!

with Nowie and Ate Eva.
with Nowie, Jazz, Shiela and Ate Eva.
with Nowie, Ate Eva and Kuya Perci.
It was really great to be with the people sharing your interest and passion. Since I came all the way from the far away kingdom, being in this kind of gathering really makes the experience extra special. I am very grateful first and foremost to Idol Rhen for inviting me to join the party, and of course to my parents for allowing us to come. Special props also goes to my brother Daniel for coming with me which made it easier for me to earn our parents' approval. Thank you also for my Tito JonJon for guiding Mama in driving and to my brothers Gab and Nat for fetching us. Hahaha! Thank you also to Ate Arlynn and company for being there while we were waiting for our mother and brothers. ^_^

Shout out also to those people I've known for a while already but I have met for the first time ever. You know who you guys are. Super thank you!

This party was so worth our time, effort and everything. And most of all, the feeling was truly amazing. :)

Mark Caguioa's practice jersey. Priceless.

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