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I have always admitted that needles scare the hell out of me. But today, I had to win over my fear.

I was crying as I went to the laboratory of the Hospital of the Infant Jesus for the blood extraction thing. This was my first time to undergo that procedure, ever. I was really scared. I hate needles and I hate feeling pain the most. They say that it will just be like an ant bite. Well, here's the thing. I hate ant bites either.
I took my headset and mobile phone with me. I played this one song on maximum volume and had it on a loop. I was counting the times the song has been playing to divert my attention. My official count is four. It took me approximately twelve minutes to get through it... from the dreaded pain of waiting until the needle was finally out of my arm.

I felt the pain. I still hate it. I saw the needle. I still hate it. But I thank the song that was playing all throughout the experience. It's still on a loop and I still listen to it.

PS. ...and because I hate needles and blood extraction stuffs, I don't know my blood type. I wonder what my blood type is, but no, I won't undergo another encounter with needles just for that. Let it remain a mystery until the next super necessary blood extraction. I just hope it won't be anytime soon. Hindi pa ako nakakarecover.

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