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Celebrate Christmas the Ginebra Way.

First time to attend a fan gathering. Yes, first time. Loser me. :p
My brother and I arrived at the venue a few minutes before seven in the evening, December 26. We were so nervous that we didn't know how will we enter the gazebo. Good thing Ate Arlynn saw us, and we went straight to their table. It was the farthest table from the entrance facing the basketball court, and nearest to the sound system.

Hello, Ginebra friends! ^_^ Haven't seen you guys in forever. :p
Here are some of the familiar faces a few minutes before the party. Familiar faces since I frequently bump into them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. :p

Friends from *wave hand*
First time to see these Ginebra fans in person.


Maybe someday.

I was just roaming around the UPLB Freedom Park with my friend Flor at around nine in the morning one Tuesday to take some shots of the campus field when these kids caught my attention. Being a sports fan myself, I am genuinely happy seeing kids play. Maybe they were just doing this for fun but these kids could be the hope of Philippine sports years from now.