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The Internet is the most accessible broadcast medium for me as of today. Since I could connect to the Internet from my mobile phone, I could be updated with whatever is going on wherever I am. Even during the weekends, I still choose to go online at home rather than to watch the television. Unfortunately, we do not have a radio at home and so I still get access to the radio through some live streaming sites online. I have been an Internet addict for years now and I could say that this broadcast medium is indeed very important in my everyday life. I regularly check on my Facebook, Twitter and E-mail which make me connected to other people. It has also become my habit to check on a few sports sites for updates on sports development.,, and are also some of the sites that I check for updates on current events. There is also my blog which has become my avenue to express myself. And of course, my news-based site dedicated to my all-time favorite sports team which has given me so many sports-related opportunities. So yes, the Internet is really important to me because of so many reasons. And I could also affirm that utilizing the Internet as a broadcast medium has been very effective, at least to me and to the most people I know. 

Having access to the Internet for almost every day, I could say that it still needs improvement. Although it has been my version of a companion medium, there is still its negative side that should be addressed for it to become a better broadcasting medium. One thing is the reliability of the information that we see online. Since almost everyone has an access to it and could change its contents, there should be something that could be done for the users to assure the validity of the available information. I hope for the total eradication of malicious sites and contents that could also be harmful to our computers, laptops and mobile phones. Another is to improve the network connections so that the Internet could be accessible wherever we are… even in far away kingdoms. Since it could be beneficial to people, provided that we access the Internet responsibly, it would be great of these benefits will also reach places far from the main cities. After all, the Internet could be a perfect way to bridge gaps between people separated by space and time. 

Original date of composition: 17 November 2011

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