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BIG COMEBACK: Last 55 seconds of Ginebra-Powerade showdown

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Classic Barangay Ginebra finish. And this is why I am  always and forever a Ginebra fan.



REPOST from Ma’am Lynette  Carpio, UPLB

From Batong Malake Councilor Janos Lapiz (via Ma’am Pam Custodio, UPLB): 

Nahuli na yung isa nung wednesday pa ng gabi, pero may follow-up operations pa ang CIDG para hulihin yung isa pang kakutsaba. That’s why shadow reports pa lang ang inihahayag sa media. It was the result of a grassroots intelligence and probably luck or divine intervention. There was a third suspect who turned witness. Kasama dapat siya panghohold-up at pagpatay kay Given pero hindi siya sumama. The guy told what he knew to a tricycle driver, who happens to be a kumpare of one of our Barangay Tanods. Nakonsyensya rin yung driver at sinabi na rin sa Tanod. Problem is we cannot make an arrest dahil wala pa kaming ebidensya. 
We then nabbed the third guy and placed full surveillance dun sa suspect. Then comes the Divine intervention last wednesday evening. Nagkagulo sa FO Santos St. dahil may kaaway yung suspect, kinursunada niya ang isang autistic na bata. Kapitan Nilo made his move to arrest the suspect. Habang inaaresto yung suspect ay napadaan ang isang mataas na opisyales ng PNP-CIDG who has a child living in Umali Subd. Dinala namin sa barangay yung suspect at nang kapkapan ay nakita sa kanya ang I-phone na pag-aari ni Given. 

From there the pieces came together. Ikinanta lahat ng suspect ang kanilang ginawa. It was horrible while I listen to his testimony, I prefer not to tell it to you. It was really horrible. 

The PNP-CIDG is now handling the case. Pam, you can post this message to all your friends. Pwede mo rin itong i-kwento sa mga estudyante mo. PNP will get all the credits and promotions, pero I give much credit to our Tanods.



I have always admitted that needles scare the hell out of me. But today, I had to win over my fear.

I was crying as I went to the laboratory of the Hospital of the Infant Jesus for the blood extraction thing. This was my first time to undergo that procedure, ever. I was really scared. I hate needles and I hate feeling pain the most. They say that it will just be like an ant bite. Well, here's the thing. I hate ant bites either.
I took my headset and mobile phone with me. I played this one song on maximum volume and had it on a loop. I was counting the times the song has been playing to divert my attention. My official count is four. It took me approximately twelve minutes to get through it... from the dreaded pain of waiting until the needle was finally out of my arm.

I felt the pain. I still hate it. I saw the needle. I still hate it. But I thank the song that was playing all throughout the experience. It's still on a loop and I still listen to it.

PS. ...and because I hate needles and blood extraction stuffs, I don't know my blood type. I wonder what my blood type is, but no, I won't undergo another encounter with needles just for that. Let it remain a mystery until the next super necessary blood extraction. I just hope it won't be anytime soon. Hindi pa ako nakakarecover.



I was able to finally figure out how to make use of that feedburner thing. Anyone could subscribe to my thoughts and rants and whatever via email. Yay! Let's see if we could finally get this to work. =)

Last day of the semester. So much to thank for!

My semester is finally over! Yeah! I survived my first semester as a BS Development Communication student! I am really happy that I am finally having fun as go to my classes. This past four months or so, I am so thankful that I was able to cope up with a seemingly new environment. Way back in June, I was most certainly not a freshman but I really felt like I have nowhere to go during my vacant periods. Not that I was lost, I was just searching. Maybe.

And then I found the UP Community Broadcasters' Society. Or maybe, the UP ComBroadSoc found me. They opened their door (although the tambayan doesn't really have a door) for me and for my batch mates during the time when I needed it the most and for that, I will forever be grateful. Special shout to my beloved brods and sisses who are too many to mention. "Dati kasi nasa ground floor lang tayo, ngayon nasa rooftop na!" :)

I also would like to thank the UP GURO: Mathematics and Science Teaching Society for understanding me and for not hating me in spite of what happened. I am so thankful that they still welcome me in their activities. I feel that I am still a part of them, and they will forever have a special place in my life. I will always be here for them just like before. Special shout to Ate Vheq Navarro for all the GM's. I really, really appreciate everything. (PS. I so loooove the photoshoot. Sana maulit muli. Anything for you.)

It is very important for me to have something to treasure, something to fight for. I thank my family for never giving up on me during one of the most trying times of my life. I felt their support when I told them that I had to take on a different path. I am doing my best now more than ever because I want to prove to them that I really had a reason to shift. I have all the reasons in the world to prove to them that I will be better this time. 

I will be better.

I am also thankful to my housemates: Tin, Janel, Rachel, Ica, Nyj, Flor, Lenna and Kim; our extended housemates Josh, Hazel and Sheryl; and to our occasional housemate Marvin. Thank you guys for making me survive all the boring and emo days of my life. All the kuwentuhan  and the tawanan at any time of the day totally helped me a lot during the semester. This is also our first semester outside the university dormitories. No curfew, less power interruptions, no water interruptions, cooking challenges and all. Swabe lang sa saya.

'Till next semester my dear friends. :)

Since I only have twelve units this semester, I have the energy to mention each of my courses. :p

First, my STS10 class, thank you for all the lectures and video presentations. Thank you also to our professors, Prof. Tony Laurena and Prof. Mae Mendoza. What I enjoyed the most are the interactive activities at the ILC, and then the DNA origami. I am really into computer games and so I looked forward going to class every time we have a scheduled interactive activity. I survived this course without knowing anyone from the class. I also survived the slight emotional breakdown when I found out that both my seatmates are one of the highest scorers in our exams. I should have known earlier. Kidding. :)

To my ECON11 class, honestly, I poured all my everything for me not to take the final exams anymore... and I succeeded! Special thanks to Sir Prime Rodriguez and Sir Harvey Baldovino, and to my recitation group mates (Shout: Nina and Ara). I actually had a week when I almost thought that I was a BS Economics student because all I ever did was to look at my lecture handouts for this class. I am so glad it payed off. I think this will be may last Mathematics-related course ever. I hope. I really, really hope.

And then, there's my DEVC10 class. Shout out to our lecturers: Sir Romel Daya, Prof. Theresa Velasco, and Prof. Benjie Flor. This is my only class that is dominated by new freshmen this semester. I actually had a very interesting experience with these freshies. At first, I felt that I don't belong since they almost knew each other because they are blocmates or so. Although of course, there are also shiftees like me scattered among the 180+ students. I am thankful that I get to know my recitation class groupmates, who also helped me along the way. Thank you to my lecture class seatmates Danica and Danielle, to Khaylee for that unexpected birthday greeting and to the rest of the yellow team/group: Ayo, Jara and Millicent, and to the rest of UV-4R. Of course, special thanks to our patient recitation instructor, Ma'am Check Tatlonghari, for all the rambutan, burger and a wonderful half day of community visit.

And of course, my DEVC11 class. Forgive me for having a personal favorite but I really love this class the most this semester. Maybe for one, because of the relatively small class size, which allowed more interaction and all. Another could be because our class rooms (CDC Drama Studio and CDC Annex 3) are really conducive to learning, and then of course, there goes my professors and my classmates. Many thanks to our lecturer Ma'am Lynette Carpio for those very creative lecture presentations, which I really look forward to see every meeting, and to our laboratory instructor Ma'am Cla Albia for all those group exercises and those blue-inked comments on our papers. Cheers to my awesome classmates for a wonderful semester as well: Paula, Jessel, Jelyn, Joz, Ayesha, Andrea, Eugenie, TJ and AK. I am very happy to get to know everyone. Looking forward to an exciting DevCom series with you guys next semester... minus DEVC 40. (makiki sit-in nalang?)

So much to thank for as this semester ends. Well, I hope I am still thankful by the time I get my grades. Kidding. Of course I always am, and I always will be.

To God be the glory!





Say it again.

The thing about you is you know just how to get me. 
The thing about me is that I really wanna let you open that door and walk into my life. 


Rockin' the 60's

Our DEVC11 class (Introduction to Mass Media Writing) had a dress-up day last Friday.

The theme: 60's.

I will skip all the kuwento about how I was able to get a hold of my first ever dress in my life, and basically the only dress that you can find in my closet. (Old school uniform and prom gowns are exempted)

I am not really a dress-y type of a girl. Pants and shirt will make me survive a wardrobe fiasco. But don't get me wrong, I loooooove heels and wedges. It's just that, I can feel that I am myself every time I am in pants and shirt... and heels. However, flip-flops keeps me safe at UPLB especially every time I get to pass by the "rocky road". Ang UPLB student, may tan-line sa paa. :)

Okay, so there. DEVC11 made me wear a dress. It scared the hell out of me to be wearing that as I walk around the campus. Thank goodness I only have two classes that day.

Why am I writing about that? Because it's a milestone! Haha! Kidding. Actually because I realized that wearing a dress is not as bad as I thought. Hindi lang talaga ako sanay.

Here are some pictures we took after class. My gosh. We even took the photos in front of the UPLB CDC Main Lobby. I thought I was going to die. :p

Let's make the 60's mood more perfect.

Here comes the sun. :)

Music and Lyrics.

Let me write the song as you play the melody.
Together, let's make music.



Shattered pieces.

"It's good to have a big dream. Even if your dream is shattered, the shattered pieces are still big."