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Live like it's heaven on earth.

So many things happened this past week. And since I stay in our dorm during weekdays, I will do the blogging for the whole week's significant events right now.

Monday. I went back to school early. The academic organization that I am affiliated with had a team building and of course, I wouldn't miss it. I might not have so many chances like that anymore, and that's another story. Monday was also the start of the probationary period for those who wishes to be a part of our organization. There were ten applicants to start with, and we'll deal with the final count when I finish blogging the week. We played games during the team building. We played 'Killers', we made cheers for our team, the ever so popular Pinoy parlor game 'Pinoy Henyo', longest line (which I still can't believe turned out to be a tie, by the way), and 'Paint me a Picture'. The games were tiring, especially the longest line, since I brought my backpack with me, and I put out everything inside... from the umbrella, down to the receipts from my wallet... but it was fun. We had our GA after the team building, to mop out the plans for the whole probationary period for the applicants. Well, Monday was pretty much all about the organization.

Wednesday. My father came home! I was so excited, so excited to meet him that I rode a bus to Manila right after my class at 4 o'clock in the afternoon just to have dinner with them. But damn, the traffic was terrible. My family was expecting me to be there in Manila by seven in the evening but I got stuck in the traffic for an hour more. I arrived at eight in the evening, all tired and frustrated, but a family dinner was all worth it. Plus, I got my BlackBerry! Thanks, Papa!

Friday. First field day for our NSTP -- LTS2. I did some discussion about the kinds of sentences. Our students are Grade Three kinds of Malinta Elementary School and we are preparing them for their National Achievement Test. Friday evening was even more interesting. It was the final night of the probationary period for the applicants. Problems came from here and there, and the final count was seven. And after about seven hours, Saturday, at around 4 in the morning, seven new members were accepted by the society. Seven new souls, seven new family. This time is more special than the rest. I had an applicant-turned-sister to sponsor. Being a sponsor was tiring, but fulfilling. The swimming after that was more fun. We played like kids. We were sleepless, but we didn't care.

Saturday. I did not get much sleep. But my Saturday did not turned out to be a rest day. I went to Manila to meet some of my high school classmates. A friend celebrated her birthday and I am so glad that I could be there. I came to Manila with my parents so that they could bring me back home even late at night. I had a dinner date with my high school friends, something that I haven't done in a long, long while. Dinner by the seaside was perfect, but nothing beats the catching ups, the teases, and the laughter. The night was memorable, so memorable that I started to wonder when will it happen again. I am not certain of anything, but I hope that it will be soon.

Right now, it's Sunday morning and I have to get some sleep. My youngest brother will receive his first holy communion today and we have to be there. Plus, I need to do important stuffs... school-related stuffs, and I need it done by tonight.

I have pictures of the whole week saved in my phone. Will upload as soon as I transfer the pictures to my laptop. :)

PS. I am watching Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries as I do the blog entry. Classic multitasking.

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