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Family Sunday.

My brother is the first boy beside the angel on the right.
My youngest brother received his first holy communion this morning. So happy. He looks like a man with his white long sleeves, black pants and a necktie. We were all present in one of his special days as a Catholic. He gotta be a better brother to us now. No more petty fights. :p
After celebrating the holy mass, off we went to SM Mall of Asia. I was just there last night, but nothing beats spending time with the family. We ate lunch altogether. Fun time! After lunch, I got a chance to go to Power Books and to Office Warehouse. I would have gone to National Bookstore but SM Mall of Asia is so big that I couldn't get to National Bookstore soon enough. Power Books is so relaxing, maybe because fewer people come there than in National Bookstore. I spent a couple of minutes looking over the journal notebooks beside the customer service. I really, really love notebooks. I keep buying notebooks of all sizes and types only to find out that I don't know what to write in those notebooks, not to mention that I have a couple of pricey notebooks. I have a few notebooks that I really do not use and more notebooks that are slightly used (meaning, I wrote on the first few pages of it)...
With Papa. <3
...and yes, I ended up buying a journal notebook yet again. Black. Sleek. Ruled. Just the way that I want it to be. Yes, another notebook, I know. But I couldn't help it. So blame me for that.

I was really at Power Books to buy a book, my secret Christmas wish, but I did not have enough money with me that time. Why did it have to be hardbound? Well, I guess I still have to wait some more time before i could get a copy of that book. I am also looking for a December issue of Baller Magazine, a sports magazine locally published here in the Philippines, but it is still not available so I still have to wait for that as well.

My family!
Office Warehouse is just one shop away from Power Books so it's like hitting two birds with one stone for me. Power Books (Books) + Office Warehouse (Supplies) = National Bookstore, so I am not missing anything. I went to buy a ball pen for my new notebook. Yes, I do that, too. I bought two quantities of a typical ball point pen worth less than six pesos each, plus I bought a small notebook, the same with what I already have, but different color, for a friend. It's not for me this time, mind you. But it's still a notebook so I loved it.

Right after buying those stuffs, I went to play at Timezone. I have not been to Timezone in quite some time now, and I really love playing there. I love swiping my plastic card plus I pay the VIP price because of my card.

(Oops, mama and papa just arrived, and I got a slice of pizza!)

This is the finish product of our first sticker photo! :))
Okay, moving on, so I played worth Php150.00 and I ended up redeeming two basketball key chains. I am almost done wandering around when i bumped into my father and brothers. They were on their way to Timezone, so I went back again. We initially reloaded my card worth Php300.00 good for the four of us. My brothers and I spent the Php160.00 in a... guess what? A sticker picture booth! It was our first time in a booth like that altogether and most probably individually. I am even shocked that I was able to talk to them into doing it instead of playing more games. We were so ignorant. We don't know what to press, we don't know where to look since the booth has two cameras, one on top and one just in front of us. Since we are all not aware of what's happening with the machine, the first shot for the first pose was a disaster. We were all not looking when the machine took a picture. Thank goodness that each pose has two shots each. Same thing happened with the first shot for the second pose. We were really lucky that the second shots of the poses are way better than the first.

The next challenge was the editing and enhancing of the pictures. We were all clueless on what to do and how to do it -- from picking a theme town to putting the detailed designs. And not to mention that there was a countdown for every step, we were all pressured when the time reads 20 seconds. We thought that it was hopeless, but after waiting for the sticker pictures, we were so happy that we are laughing loudly in the middle of Timezone. We were laughing at how we designed the pictures but it was totally a collective effort.
Yay for us!

Cute family picture!
It was really fun going out with the whole family, especially because of my father's job, we don't have this kind of Sunday all year round. Cherish every moment that you spend with your family. Every day past without them is a day you can't undo anymore.

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