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Forever in My Dream

Nights are old as the stars shimmer,
Empty feelings as your memories linger.
Loneliness and hatred compressed into one,
As I've met you, the lonely battle has began.

My mind against my heart,
As tears fall apart.
Waiting for you with no regrets,
Even if it means total sadness.

In the middle of the night, I cry,
After such experience I've wasted in sigh,
You made my heart feel that you're already the one,
While you were too busy caring for your only one.

Such mistake broke my heart into pieces,
I've missed all your warm hugs and kisses.
But those things were never real,
As you only existed in my dream.

I love you, even though you never cared,
Those stares, those smiles, left me hanging in the air.
I hope I can have all the confidence to say these things to you:
I love you, I hope you'll love me too.

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