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More themes than before. Better. More choices, more options. Although I edited my theme before, magaganda na rin naman yung mga inabutan ko. Pero dahil mas marami na ang Tumblr users, mas innovated na ang themes.

Oops. I'm looking at the premium themes pala. Ang mamahal. Dollars. Di ko keri. ;-) I used Asterism as my initial theme. Libre.
I changed the appearance nalang. White initial background color. I always go by the neutrals. I'm not really fancy in terms of background color. Mas basic, mas type ko.

Title font: Copperlate Light. Link color: Bloody Red. Link hover color: Brown.

Tumblr title: Just believe. No header slogan for this time.

Ay, may stand-alone pages rin! Parang wala ito noon... or di ko pa nadiscover. :p

O-kaye. Saan napunta yung page ko? I still need to get used to the navigation.

Ayun! That's what I'm looking for! The seamless crossposting on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Yung dito kasi sa Blogspot, twitterfeed... hindi pa realtime ang updates. I'm happy!

Yuuuun! I was able to import my posts here to Tumblr! Galing!

...and my Youtube, too!

Changed my timezone to +8:00, posts per page set to 7.

Save and close. I think I'm done editing for now!

Dashboard looks the same to me. Still blue. Okay, I officially re-welcome myself to the Tumblr world! :)

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