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Straight from a Ginebra fan: Still an Underdog at Heart by Jane Oliveros

Still an Underdog at Heart 

I was awake at 5 o'clock in the morning thinking about my beloved team. And here I am, close to crying, yet again.

All day long I've been emotional. Been crying all day for some stupid reason. So, when I watched the game, I was extra-emotional. I can't cheer for them like I used to do every game. All I wanted was to watch the damn game.

Shit. My tears, don't fall now please.

I really can't believe how affected I am, when it comes to Ginebra. It's just a team, for pete's sake. How can they control millions of people's emotions when they're just a damn team? Damn great team! Do they care about us? Do they think about us everytime they lose? Do they read all our tweets, though some of those are criticisms?

Talo eh. P*tangina. Why did we lose?  Why did we f*cking lose? We're close to winning god dammit!

Since the start of the series, Ginebra's game was soooooo different from the way they play during the elims. Japeth is not on his usual explosive self. LA is not on his usual 'pointguard minded' self. The team just lost their swag and confidence! I don't know but everytime Ginebra plays against San Mig, the inner underdog feeling comes out. (Powerhouse team na daw kasi tayo.)

I just can't accept that San Mig kept on bullying my team. Of all the teams, why San Mig? This San Mig team that I hated the most. The team that shut down our hopes of entering the finals twice in 2012.  The B-Meg team. God. I thought I forgot about them already, coz I know my team can beat them. But here we go again, they're leading the series, 3-2. Isa na lang aalagwa na. At isang talo na lang natin babagsak na tayo.
They're leading but it's not yet over. No no no no no. F*ck, no. Our backs are against the wall once again.

Which I can proudly say, where Ginebra plays at its finest.

This 'Never Say Die' team has proved countless of times that in this world, nothing's impossible. If you only believe. I chose to believe them.

This is the time na kailangan magtiwala na lang sa isa't isa. Wala na eh, ano magsisisihan pa? Do that after the series.

LA made mistakes, yeah, but remember what he did last season? Nagpapakamatay siya doon sa court. Babawi at babawi yan. Especially in this kind of situation. He's not called 'Showtime Tenorio' for nothing.
Japeth, I know, is due for an explosion. I can feel it. You see, in the dying minutes of the fourth quarter, he was aggressive, he was attacking the basket. May and-1 play pa nga di ba? I hope it helped him bring back his confidence.

This is the time that our team needs us the most. Tayo ring mga fans eh, cheering at its finest ang peg pag ganitong mga sitwasyon. As much as possible, wag ng papagsalitain yung sa kabilang team. From the jumpball pa lang, let us show our team how much we love them, how much we believe in them.
Game 6 and Game 7. Akalain mo yun, dalawang games na lang pala, makakamit na ng team ang objective nila: to enter the finals. Tas another 4 wins na lang, makakamit na ng team ang pangarap nila, actually ang pangarap nating lahat: ang mag-champion ang Ginebra.

Our beloved team.
Our Ginebra.

Nakakapagod. Ang dami ng pasakit na ibinigay sa atin. Pero isang tres lang ni Idol, isang rebound lang ni Idol, isang putback lang, isang slam lang ni Idol, isang panalo lang, nawawala na ang agam-agam. Nawawala ang pagod, nabubuhayan ng pag-asa. Pano pa kapag nag-champion? Worth it lahat ng yon. Yung sakit mapapalitan ng sarap. Yung pagod mapapalitan ng ginhawa.

Kaya to our dearest team, your backs are against the wall, but we're behind your back whatever happens. We're all in this together. Nothing's gonna stop us now. Walang susuko, tuloy ang laban ang peg. Kapag di nyo na kayang lumaban, tingala lang po kayo, makikita nyo yang napakaraming tao, lahat sila naniniwala sa inyo. Lahat sila nagtitiwala at umaasa sa inyo. Sasabayan po namin kayo sa tinatahak nyong landas, landas patungo sa kampeyonato...



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