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Soar high, UP ComBroadSoc!

Every minute I spent as The UP Community Broadcasters' Society's Chief Anchor is a minute well spent and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything else.

I thank our beloved advisers and alumni for all the support and patience, and of course to all our resident members for making every general assembly, every activity, possible.

We also thank all the organizations that we have worked with throughout the year.

Our sincerest gratitude to the College of Development Communication and to University of the Philippines Los Banos as well.

These lovely ladies in the photo with me worked hard for our organization. It's always a pleasure being included in the Executive Committee with all of you. It doesn't feel like we were working all year long because of the laughter and all the good vibes you all bring. Lovelots!

 To our next Executive Committee, two words: Passion. Excellence.

On to our 10th year! Soar high, UP ComBroadSoc!

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