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VIDEO + MORE: Ginebra Twin Towers on Solar Sports Desk

Many thanks to Solar Sports Desk for uploading the video of the interview and I was also able to embed this here on my blog! Buti nalang din talaga at Solar News Channel is already on free TV, more fans were able to watch the interview.

What is Epistaxis? Ito po yun. Hahaha!

It's great to watch interviews like this, it brings our sports warriors closer to the fans. It's one thing to watch them play on court or in action, and it's a completely different thing to see them laid back and smiling. Watching this interview last night, I can't help but be amazed how my favorite PBA team's towering combo is so soft-spoken and shy off the court both at once.

Patiently waiting for more. :)


If you were able to watch the video interview, then here is the song that you've been looking for. Yes. Let's dance to this. Haha!

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Anonymous said...

Nice answer sa question ko Japeth hehehe GO to: 15:20 mark hehe