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Because girls talk sports, too.

Girls talk sports, too.

That’s what I say every time someone takes a girlie sports aficionado as “just” a cheerer-type of fan. For someone who takes sports as a passion and as part of her lifestyle, being dubbed as “just” a cheerer-type of fan won’t make the cut. It actually stings quite a bit, if you ask me.

Some of the best girls I know has the word “sports” written all over their faces. No, not literally. But yeah, you get it. Girls who bleed sports actually take pride for being one. And not even a flagrant foul penalty 2, or a technical knockout, or even a red card, will sway them away from their love.

Yeah, we go, girls! We talk sports, too. Take it from someone who knows. Or take it from someone who kinda knows and share it to everyone who wanna know.

So, if you’re a girl and you love sports, you’re gonna dig this blog site. Seriously. I know, because I am, too.

This is for you. For me. For us. For the love of the game. x

Check this out! =)

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