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I rarely go out. But when I do...

First post for 2012. Soooooorry. The first quarter of the year has been the busiest months of my college life. Seriously. I am lucky to even get to post this entry. Hahaha! 

Anyway, today was the first time I went out (as in out, out) this summer and of course, where will I be? 


Nah, I didn't really went around Manila today. I was just at Mendiola, Manila. These pictures just made it look like I strolled the whole day.

It's also the first time that I used the monochromatic feature thingy on my camera. I'm glad I used it because I get to have the vintage feel that I wanted although I could also get that from Photoshop. :p

So many first times happened today. Yay!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Even though I am just stuck here at home (with occasional getaways), I am really happy to have this much needed break. So much happened these past three months that I wasn't able to post here, even though I have made some attempts (ehem. drafts.)

And lastly, were you able to feel the cold summer nights last week? I loved it. :)

Cheers to summer 2012! XOXO.


So, the title of this post says it all.

These pictures actually started the vintage feel today. A really old model of a radio and a typewriter from the office of my mom. I always see these things every time I go there. I don't know why I took pictures of them today.
We went to Arias Street to check out an apartment. Since we are residing in Cavite and my brothers and my mom are studying/working in Manila, it's good for them to just live nearby during the weekdays. Last year, they were staying at Bicutan during the weekdays --- still far from school. So here, no more long rides home next school year, brothers! Welcome back to Manila after four years!
Here's one out of the three musketeers, Daniel! Go follow him on Twitter! Haha!
After I took these photos, I had a eureka moment! I'll collect street/road name shots from now on. Let this be my driving force to go out of my bedroom, then out of our house, and explore the world. Wish me luck! *game face on*
Arias Street is actually just in front of the Malacañan Palace. Awesome! And for a little trivia, here are 10 things you may not know about Malacañan Palace.
These shots were taken on our way home to Cavite. I do not know the name of the building on the first photo. I just took a shot on the red light. The second photo is the Millennium Clock in front of the Rizal Monument, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

More shots on our way home. I took it from inside our car. It's cool that these photos were clear despite our not so clean windshield. :p
I rarely go out. But when I do... I am always happy. :-)

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