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Just want to share this thing to you guys, if ever man may nagbabasa dito.

I got this via text message. And it struck me. As in super.

But don't get me wrong. This not from someone close to my heart. Just from a friend na nangungulet in the middle of the night.

to quote:

"I am asking who you are... not for you to describe yourself."

Tama nga naman.

If you are asked, 'who you are', you are not supposed to answer your self description or something like that.

For instance.

'Who are you?'

You are suppose to answer your name.

But sometimes, nagiging ganito ang reply natin:

'Your friend.'

I don't know if it makes sense. Wala lang.

Pero napansin ko itong quote na ito, because for me, it can be punctuated the other way around. And it means something different.

"I am asking who you are not... for you to describe yourself."

Diba it's something? Kasi in this statement, it's like:

'say to my your weaknesses, for you to know your own strengths.'

Then I realized, that in life, we should learn to accept that we can't have everything we want, so that, we will learn to appreciate what we already have. Yung mga bagay that we are taking for granted.

It's true. Most of the time, we can only realize the real value of something when it's already gone.

Minsan tuloy, naiisip ko,

Do I really have to go far away, for him to realize that I waited for so long?


As if he'll realize such thing.

Kahit pa yata nasa kabilang side ako ng world, wala pa rin eh.

So better yet,

Just... forget it.

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