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At 22: Happy. Hopeful. Loved.

After five years of birthday celebrations in Los Banos, nakapag-celebrate din ulit sa bahay. I miss.

Thank you, Lord for blessing me with kind, loving, and wonderful people. I am beyond grateful. Please bless them, too. 

 Thank you also for the overwhelming birthday greetings from Facebook and Twitter. I did my best to reply to all birthday tweets and to like all the birthday posts on my timeline. I've read them all, and I am thankful for remembering and virtually celebrating with me. 

 It has been a year of surprises, of success, of happiness, of love, of adventure, of travel, of milestones, of wonderful memories. 

 Thank to everyone who have been a constant part of my life for this past year.

I thank my ever supportive family for never giving up on me and for helping me in creating a better version of myself; my BFamily for the friendship worth keeping and for the stories worth telling; my UP ComBroadSoc family for bringing out the best in me and for molding me to be the person that I wanted myself to be; to my college friends for the joyful memories more than the cramming; and to my fellow Barangay Ginebra fans, my Ginebra friends and fellow sports enthusiasts for bringing color to my life and for allowing me to have an avenue to share my passion. 

 On my 22nd year, I aim not for perfection but for the right, to move not for greatness but for the good, and to strive not for success but for genuine happiness. 

 And in all these things, God shall be exalted and glorified. 

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