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Hoo.Ph: 10 Things I Learned about Derrick Rose during the Adidas DRose Tour

I wrote this for yesterday, September 17, after I was sent to the DRose Tour at Smart Araneta Coliseum, Marriott Hotel, and SM Mall of Asia.

Soooo... I got to see THE Derrick Rose close-up. Well, here's my kuwento. :D

This is the article link, by the way. Thanks again,! Really can't thank you enough!

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DRose at the Big Dome
It has been a surreal two days as sent me to the Adidas DRose World Tour that takes its last stop here in the Philippines.

I had the privilege to see DRose as he graced the Adidas 3×3 Grand Finals at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Sunday, September 15. Just when I thought it was all over, there I was yesterday, September 16, at the Marriott Hotel for the DRose Tour press conference and then finally at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium as Rose played a video game against the champion of the NBA 2K13 tournament.

It’s amazing how I didn’t even think about having a chance to get to see Derrick Rose up close but true enough, great things totally happen when you least expect it.

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DRose during the press conference at Marriott Hotel
Derrick Rose actually signed a lifetime contract with Adidas worth over $250 Million plus he gets to have his very own logo.

During the press conference at the Marriott Hotel Manila, Rose shared that there’s more than what meets the eye with the Adidas DRose logo. It is very personal as he said that the logo is all about him and his family.

We could actually see the ‘D’ inside some rose petals at first look but a lot of people is missing the ’1′ at the center of it all, which is Rose’s jersey number.

The soft-spoken NBA star also shared about the logo that a rose symbolizes his family name. The three petals symbolize his three brothers and he also mentioned something about the end side of the logo which is his mom.

Really, it’s all about me and my family,” he added.

Want more? Here’s 10 things I learned about Derrick Rose during the Adidas DRose Tour:

10. He loves Hip-hop.

He was asked countless times about his choice of music, even picking between Rock or Hip-hop. He has been consistent! Well, according to him, “Hiphop is basketball, basketball is hiphop.” Oh! And he listens to Big Sean and J. Cole!

9. He wouldn’t put any NBA names in front of another.

At least for the point guard position, when asked about the best point guards in the league today. He sort of mentioned a few names in the mix while thinking really hard but ultimately said that “every point guard made their mark.” Yeah, including you, D!

8. He thinks you must pick him for your NBA Fantasy Basketball.

He definitely thinks that he should be in your line-up! He also recommends you put Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves on your line-up as well, describing him as “a winner.”

7. Aspiring baller? DRose got two words for you: Dedication and Sacrifice.

At 24, he believes that he have already sacrificed so much. He also thinks that he will never be able to live like a regular 24-year old. How dedicated this NBA superstar is? He shared that he wants to “leave a mark on history, change the world and make a difference.” And he’s totally on the right track.

6. This guy aims nothing but a championship.

If there’s one thing in his entire visit here in the country that leaves a mark on me, it’s most probably the fact that DRose is all out and serious about winning a championship for Chicago Bulls in his return. With blazing fire in his eyes, he declares that the team is getting ready right now and that he probably cares for the championship more than the others. According to him, his goal is “to win a championship and be one of the greatest basketball players ever.”

5. DRose on Gilas Pilipinas for the FIBA World: “I wish them nothing but the best.”

With Gilas Pilipinas qualifying for the FIBA World happening in Spain next year, Rose told that the team must always prepare because the world is watching, and wish them “nothing but the best.”

4. DRose will be honored if given a chance to play for Team USA in FIBA World

Team USA qualifies in the FIBA World as the recent Olympic champions and he will gladly take the duty to play for the country if a spot will be offered to him for the upcoming tournament. When asked on who he wants to pick as his teammates for Team USA, he said “just give me anybody. Right now, I just want to go out there and play basketball.”

3. Best advice he received so far? “Be patient.”

Well, for someone who missed real basketball action since 2012 playoffs due to an ACL injury, I guess there’s no better advice than patience. As they all say, it’s a virtue.

2. He believes that he is 100% ready come next season.

After recovering from his injury, he just wants to be out there and play with his team. He also declares that he knows that he is ”100 percent ready.” When asked about his preparations for his return, he shared that he needs to improve on his confidence while playing. He is also working on extending his range as far as his shooting is concerned.

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DRose with NBA 2K13 tournament champion Albert Sarabia
1. Even the youngest NBA MVP in history knows how to have a good time.

The one and the only Derrick Rose played with NBA 2K13 tournament winner Albert Sarabia, who emerged as the best out of 32 participants for a once in a lifetime gaming experience with the NBA superstar.

Sarabia controlled Oklahoma City Thunder while Rose played with, well, Chicago Bulls in the final 2K13 battle at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium yesterday.

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Sarabia and Rose after their one-on-one 2K13 battle
Fans at the Atrium witnessed Rose controlled his 2K13 version who, by the way, exploded for at least 30 points. There were also some pretty cool highlights during the battle that DRose eventually won over Sarabia by just a singe point.

Both guys most certainly enjoyed the battle as much as we enjoyed watching them go for the win.

I really had a great time during the Adidas DRose Tour. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a photo with him but what I was able to experience was already more than I ever imagined. Maybe the photo will have to wait ’till I see him again. Hopefully.

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