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Puwede naman matalo, 'wag lang bitter.

Ginebra won tonight, thus trimming the SMB series lead to 2-1. I was joyful with the win... not until a twitter post followed by random online comments from all over spoiled the fun.

Pwede naman maging physical... Wag lng dirty... Tsk tsk tsk....  

I couldn't help but talk about what I read. And Twitter captured my every rant. But unlike the others, I won't delete any of it. I stand by with what I say.  

Uhm, Paul, have you met your teammates? They are not really a not-dirty players. Sadly, you're a former GinKing. You should know that. :|
I like Paul but that's not a way to accept defeat.
And yes, reading all those SMB comments from his status makes me wanna crush SMB into pieces with Ginebra's 3 more straight wins!
Kung magsipag-comment parang hindi sila puwede matalo ng hindi benta e.
I can't wait for the day Ginebra gets out of that SMC umbrella safe and sound... safe and sound, i mean players/line-up core intact at hindi yung inilipat muna sa "sister teams" ang players bago pakawalan.
sister tm issues makes games, especially playoffs series, less credible. Hindi mawala sa mga fans ang doubt na baka nadaya sila...
..and as a basketball/PBA fan, I hate it. I would want to believe na nananalo ang team ko fair and square. :(
Ansarap mag-tally ng mga posts and comments online na may keywords na: "benta", "pinagbigyan", "madaya", "lamang pa rin naman kami", etc.

Anyway, I am moving on with all of their sour graping... sana sila rin. I still have a debate and online discussion to work with, and cramming is at its best when Ginebra wins.

By the way...

I mean it when I said that I so want to crush SMB into pieces, not literally of course. I hope it's happening soon.

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