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For our 2012 PBA MVP, straight from my heart

I have four huge exams this coming week, two radio scripts to write and produce, and three news articles to write... but that didn't stop me from folding all my handouts and re-capping all my highlighters for the 2012 PBA Leo Awards. 

Bahala na. Basta papanoorin ko ito.

After you won the Best Player of the Conference award four nights ago, I knew deep inside me that an MVP award is coming right at you.

Finally. The freakin' MVP award will be handed to you.

That's how positive I am for you, my dear Mark Caguioa, because championship or no championship, I believe that this year is the perfect year for you to bag that most-coveted award. I have been a Ginebra fan half of my life and although I didn't get a chance to cheer for you on your rookie year, that doesn't make me love and trust you any less.

I have seen you in all different hair styles and hair colors, in practice and in live games, in jerseys and in casual outfits, but never did I see you not giving your all. Every time you step in the court, that's you from hairdo to rubber shoes. That's you, hundred percent passionate, dedicated, and eager to win.

I actually did a lot of thinking after you were crowned as the 2012 Governors' Cup BPC, and I asked myself why will you not be the 2012 PBA MVP. Because Ginebra failed to enter the finals in all three conferences. Wow. Could that really spoil your moment? Our moment? I don't know. All I know is that I am expecting you to win. Ginebra fans are expecting you to win. Pambawi daw sa hindi pagpasok ng Ginebra sa finals.

Ginebra fans. Either others love us or hate us. There's no in between. I have been with my fellow Ginebra fans on Twitter through the @barangayginebra fan account and I've got to say that Ginebra fans really wanted you to win the MVP. It was not just an assumption coming from a spectator. We really did want you to win. I could go on and on and on about what the fans have to say. They even campaigned really hard to keep you on top of the MVP poll in Where else can you find a more passionate fan base than us? Only with Ginebra. *wink*

And then the moment of truth arrived. Sunday, July 29. Every Ginebra fan is anxious - on Twitter and on Facebook. #MC47forMVP tweets were all over my timeline and everybody is praying for a Ginebra victory tonight, even if our team is not even in the on-going PBA Finals.

The 2012 PBA Most Valuable Player was finally announced. Lots of words are running through my mind. But as I listen to your name being called, I wasn't able to say a word. Instead, I unknowingly closed my right hand and brought my right fist close to my heart. I can't believe it took you eleven years to get a hold of that MVP trophy. Maybe there really is no standard mathematical formula in getting the MVP. You just gotta have the talent, the passion and the drive, and then be in the best winning situation at the right time, together with the awesome-est fans who got your back.

And it took one talented Mark Caguioa and the Ginebra fans eleven years to get it all right.

If only I could stop the clock while you receive the award, just so we could savor and enjoy the euphoric feeling, I already did.
So raise that MVP trophy really high, our dear Mark. We may have wanted it more than you, but you deserve it more than anybody else.Your message to us Ginebra fans is very humbling and inspiring, and I can't help but shed a tear as you caught me in your smile while delivering your message.

I have four huge exams this coming week, two radio scripts to write and produce, and three news articles to write... and I am pretty sure that I will have no other choice but to cram (that's what I do best, by the way). However, I will never regret that I spent my Sunday night of July 29 watching the 2012 PBA Leo Awards at home while tweeting,

I asked the Ginebra fans on Twitter if anyone managed to have a reaction video while you receive your very first MVP Trophy, and check out what @keltwinks got for us.


Ito ang Lahing Ginebra.
 Thank you for being with Ginebra, Mark Caguioa.


hotshotgin said...


hotshotgin said...

grabe saya nung mga bata haha kakatuwa :)))

Anonymous said...

grabe buong pamilya ginebra fans.. diyan mo makikita kung ano meron ang ginebra..lahat talaga sila nagpalakpakan at naghintay nung awarding... still no.1...ginebra

Lerly said...

Nice one, Kaye! Naiiyak ako sa blog mo. Sure, 11 years in the making, 11 years of hardwork and dedication, 11 long years......!! Ang sarap ng feeling na finally nakuha na ni Mark yung MVP award. To our one and only MC47, congratulations!! We, ginjas, are truly proud of you! Never-say-die forever! <3

carl jason said...

kaya maraming fans (kasama na ako dun) ang Ginebra ay dahil may mas malalim na pundasyon ang pagkapanatiko namin...nakaugat ito sa pamilya...mula sa lolo, sa tatay hanggang sa anak at kitang kita sa videong ito...buong pamilya nakaantabay para lang makita kung mananalo si Mark ng MVP...tiyak ganito din ang senaryo kada may laro ang Ginebra...

ang pagiging ginebra fan ay pinatibay ng mahabang panahon ng tuwa at luha sa bawat panalo at talo...hindi ito nakatali lang sa pagiging fan dahil lamang sa ito ang uso, ito ang gusto ng kaibigan at kabarkada...o dahil sa pogi lang ng mga players ng team...hindi sa ganung kababawan lang nakaugat ang pagiging panatiko natin.

kaya nga kahit halos 4 na taon na tayong di tila ba walang nalalapit na kampeonato na abot kamay natin...nakaupo pa din tayo sa harap ng telebisyon kada may labang ang Barangay, patuloy na bukas makalawa ay lulundag din tayo sa tuwa...gaya ng batang lalake sa videong ito...dahil muling nagkampeon ang Ginebra

maaring nalalapit na maaari ding ilang taon pang muli bago natin matitikamn...pero dahil gaya ng tunay na Barangay sa ating lipunan na binubuo ng pamilya...ang "barangay" natin ay pinatitibay din ng pamilyang dugong ginebra....dugong stainless :)

Congrats Mark....Very well deserved!

Anonymous said...

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