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waited for nothing.

This our group's image regarding loneliness. We have to interpret this image through a poem with at least two stanzas, with meter and rhyme.

In the middle of all these things, I sat peacefully and alone.
I do not know what this could mean but only one thing is for sure.
I’ve already lost the sense of time, sense of being and desire.
Now, I do not know how to go on waiting for what will transpire.

And as I went on, I kept pretending that you will still arrive,
But my longing for you never hindered me from being alive.
I continued life, hoping to be contented and satisfied,
But every time I close my eyes, I felt you pushing me aside.

If only you knew how difficult it was for me to give up,
I bet you’ll make things happen to save me from this painful lockup.
I waited, even if it means waiting for the rain in summer,
But I failed, waited for nothing and never found the real answer.

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