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Missing Link.

Just finished watching Gokusen Season 1. Seasons 2 and 3 coming right up!


Makes me wanna love school again. I just hope coming to school was as interesting as that. And now you can tell that I am really really bored. And I think that this one made me sound like my college life is like no life at all. Don't get me wrong. I am not having problems with my vacants in between subjects, going from class to class without getting stuck in just one room from 7am-4pm, social life, and talking about my independence everytime I am at our dorm.

But I can still feel that something is damn missing.

Something that I think I will not be able to find even after watching hundreds of asian series not unless I find that missing link from within me. I'm having a hard time, seriously. I can't pull myself together thinking that I lost something for quite sometime now.

Something is lost.
Is it still meant to be found?

I can't hear my heart anymore.

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